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Series 1

John Cena with "Attitude Adjustment!"
Roman Reigns with "Super Punch!"
The Undertaker with "The Tombstone!"
Brock Lesnar with "F5 Action!"
Kevin Owens with "Pop-up Powerbomb!"
Ultimate Warrior with "Gorilla Press Slam!"

Series 2

The Rock with "Rock Bottom!"
Triple H with "Pedigree!"
Stone Cold Steve Austin with "Stone Cold Stunner!"
Kane with "Tombstone!"
Mankind with "Mandible Claw!"
Sting with "Stinger Splash!"

Series 3

Seth Rollins with "Pedigree!"
Bill Goldberg with "Spear!"
Dean Ambrose with "Dirty Deeds!"
AJ Styles with "The Phenomenal Forearm!"

Series 4

Ric Flair with "Chop Down!"
Finn Balor with “Coup de Grace!”
Sami Zayn with "Helluvah Kick!"
Kevin Owens with "Pop-up Powerbomb!"

Series 5

Big E with "The Big Ending!"
Kofi Kingston with "It's Trouble in Paradise!"
Xavier Woods with "The Honor Roll!"
Macho Man Randy Savage with "Macho Man Elbow!"

Series 6

Bray Wyatt with “Sister Abigail!”
Daniel Bryan with “Running Knee!”
Shinsuke Nakamura with “Kinshasa!”
Sting (red and black makeup) with “Stinger Splash!”

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