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Jakks-WWF 2 Tuff


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Series 1

HHH & Chyna
Goldust & Marlena
DOA (Chainz & 8-Ball)
Truth Commission (Interrogator & Rekon)

Series 2

Brian Christopher & Jerry Lawler
Kama Mustafa & D-Lo Brown
Kurrgan & Jackal
Road Dogg & B.A. Billy Gunn

Series 3

Kane & Corporate Mankind
LOD 2000 (Hawk & Animal)
Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin & Phenom Undertaker
Rock & Owen Hart

Series 4

B.A. Billy Gunn & Val Venis
Big Boss Man & Stone Cold Steve Austin
Rock & Mankind
Undertaker & Kane

Series 5

B.A. Billy Gunn & Road Dogg Jesse James
Debra McMichael & Double J
Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock
Viscera & Undertaker

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