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Bad to the Bonz 3-Pack
Badd Blood 4-Pack
Championship Title Series 4-Pack (Undertaker - Rocky Maivia - British Bulldog - Owen Hart)
Championship Title Series 4-Pack (Steve Austin - X-Pac - Kane - The Rock)
D-Generation X 4-Pack
Expect No Mercy 4-Pack
Faces of Foley 3-Pack
Fully Loaded 4-Pack
Go Mental 4-Pack
Hardcore Champions 4-Pack
Judgment Day 3-Pack
King of the Iron Rungs 4-Pack
Last Man Standing 4-Pack
Nation of Domination 4-Pack
No Chance 3-Pack
No Holds Barred 3-Pack
Off The Mat 4-Pack
Over the Edge 4-Pack
Perfect 10 10-Pack
Raw Is War 4-Pack (Sunny - Bret Hart - Psycho Sid - Vince McMahon)
Raw Is War 4-Pack (Steve Austin - Undertaker - The Rock - Special Guest Ref Mankind)
Shotgun Saturday Night 4-Pack
Special Edition Triple Threat 3-Pack
Survivor Series 1996 4-Pack

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