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[2015-02-21-DDT] Yuji Okabayashi vs Tetsuya Endo


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Okabayashi and Endo were the best part of that somewhat disappointing tag match at the Saitama Arena I saw this morning, so I was happy to see that they booked this on their next show. It's a fantastic match! Endo zeroes in on Okabayashi's arm and works it with some holds and on the ring post early on. Okabayashi briefly gets the upper hand and starts beating up Endo, but Endo lands a great dropkick followed by an Asai moonsault to halt his momentum. The back half was very good. Endo goes for several kimuras and armbars, and Okabayashi picks him up and slams Endo to get out of the hold several times. I've found I really like that sort of repetition in wrestling. Endo gets to reverse the torture rack into a kimura which was wonderful. Okabayashi wins with a splash after folding Endo up with a couple of lariats.

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