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[1992-06-28-UWFi-Sekai Gannen: Hakata Live] Gary Albright vs Tom Burton


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We've ALL been waiting for the day when the titan's clash, and Gary Albright and Tom Burton go one-on-one. Right? RIGHT?! Burton's got the fans hyped but obviously, Albright's going to destroy him. Gary hits a suplex within the first 10 seconds and Burton proceeds to get thrown around and clobbered with nasty elbows. Gary legit KOs Burton with his final brutal German suplex and can't even lift him for the dragon suplex before the ref calls the match. Not much of a match but Albright is scary. 

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Albright is huge with a big scar on his face, he just looks like he loves a good scrap.  They get into it immediately.  Burton (2-6) puts up a fight, but he is no match for Albright (7-0).  Burton actually manages to get a leglock on Albright, but this just angers the big man.  Albright batters him with forearms and drops him on his head until he can go no more.  He taps as Albright is picking him up.  Albright cuts a promo backstage, putting over Burton and calls out Takada.

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