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  1. xlynwoodx

    [2014-03-21-NOAH] Xtra Large vs Daisuke Harada

    I think this match is from 3/21, not 3/12. They did a lot in six minutes, probably too much. I love the high-arc German that Harada does. I'm not sure the rules on posting matches, please let me know if it isn't allowed.
  2. I felt like this was nowhere near as enjoyable as the first match. The major reason being the crowd. The crowd would make noise during the highspots but either stayed quiet or chanted for CM Punk throughout the match. It really struck me at the end when Ambrose did his crazy Thesz press punch attack and the crowd barely reacted. Also, they should have done more with Rollins walking out. Ambrose and Reigns walked away from the corner for about ten seconds, Rollins couldn't tag out, and then got pulled away without even a reaction shot from Rollins. He hit one move, then got to his corner and tagged out. There was no shots of Rollins upset in the corner or arguing with Reigns to show his frustration. Rollins started the match on fire until he accidentally got knocked off the turnbuckle to the floor by Ambrose. No follow up there either. Walking away from his teammates just came across like a huge overraction and could have been built up a better. I did enjoy the match, Harper in particular was especially violent, but those two things really held it back for me.
  3. Taker looked especially creepy here.
  4. xlynwoodx

    [2014-02-22-NOAH] Yuji Nagata vs KENTA

    Match was fine. Right before the finish, Nagata hit this awesome knee as KENTA came running in that stopped him dead and made me scream. Loved that moment.
  5. I loved this match, everything looked real. The short time kind of made sense, young guy went for a big move too soon on the veteran and Casas took advantage with a quick pin.
  6. Loved the story of the match. Barr was really picking up steam on offense for the first time when he got carried away and hit an illegal piledriver. With so much on the line, the humongous crowd watching (apparently the place was so pack, 8,000 fans were watching on a big screen in the parking lot), Barr only working in the country for about a year...he simply forgot. Amazing.
  7. xlynwoodx

    [1992-04-03-CMLL] Atlantis vs La Fiera

    I enjoyed this. They didn't do too much, everything had a purpose and every move was sold like it meant something. It felt real. I loved that the biggest highspot was a dive which ended a fall and had lingering effects on the rest of the match. Just excellent, writing this makes me want to watch again.
  8. The issues with the picture kind of made me nostalgic for my years of watching old VHS tapes. Enjoyed the match, the crowd was going nuts for all the facelocks Misawa was doing. I didn't really see the point of the ref bump, the time limit hit immediately after. I get what they were going for with the second ref coming in but it seemed like the timing was slightly off.
  9. Good match. The streamers flying in while Taue hits a tope was a cool visual. I think my favorite thing was Kawada reversing Taue's abdominal stretch into his own, I rewound that four or five times. It's the little things.
  10. I believe this is the first of Michaels on the yearbook since the Rockers split. There are plenty of signs of future greatness on display here. The amount of confidence he displays is off the charts and unlike anything you would see today. There seemed to be some communication issues causing a few bad looking spots but I was having so much fun watching old HBK I didn't really mind. Finish was a little overbooked but everyone left looking strong.
  11. xlynwoodx

    [1992-03-07-WCW-Saturday Night] WCW Magazine

    Nikita Koloff with the crazy eyes. He wants to talk to...someone. They know who they are. Bischoff is as bad at this hosting gig as Valentine is tan.
  12. It's so funny to me that at one time, Paul Heyman and Arn Anderson were aligned. Nick Patrick looks like a referee out of Miami Vice. He also pulls off one of the clumsiest ref bumps you will ever see as he knocks himself out by yanking a chair out of Rick Rude's hands and falling backwards into the turnbuckle, never to be seen again. Steamboat is great at a lot of things but sometimes his offense just looks so wacky. TONS of heat at the end as Steamboat fights off Anderson and Rude. Good match, no finish but exciting ending. Huge downer that this is followed by a clip of Eric Bischoff.
  13. xlynwoodx

    [1992-03-28-SMW-TV] Interview: Jim Cornette

    Every Cornette segment begins with him insulting the audience. A limo pulls up and some girls run down and chase it off. I'm so amused by the absurdity of all of this.
  14. xlynwoodx

    [1992-03-28-SMW-TV] Interview: Bob Holly

    The transition of Bob Holly from this clip to Hardcore Holly is hard to believe. He's wearing one of the most amazing pair of sunglasses you will ever see. They're swans. Ends rather suddenly, was this the end of the promo? I really wanted to hear more about Bob Holly hanging out with Julia Roberts.