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  1. This was the most evenly matched bout of the night. Cool spot where Day had Yamazaki in a Half Crab and Yamazaki hit Day with a heel kick to the head that just dropped him. Good grappling throughout, Yamazaki tore Day up with kicks on the feet. Yamazaki locked in an armbar that Day tapped to immediately despite him probably being able to reach the ropes if he was able to tough it out.
  2. This was wild. Kakihara is fired up during the introductions while Anjoh looks like he just woke up from a nap. Kakihara comes out strong with strikes but Anjoh works through them and gets Kakihara into a mean looking kimura. On the feet, Kakihara eats some strikes and goes down a second time. He is kicked in the face after trying a flying heel kick and is quickly down 6 points. After this, Kakihara starts to work for takedowns and submissions and begins to have some success. Anjoh may have gotton a little overconfident, as he loses the finishing instinct he had early on. Kakihara eventually seems to injure Anjoh with a kneebar, as Anjoh is slow to stand up after a rope break. Kakihara gets a second kneebar and Anjoh taps quickly. The crowd goes nuts for this and Kakihara shows a ton of charisma celebrating the upset. We get a glimpse post match of Anjoh's knee taped up under his gear.
  3. Fleming & Nakano were a lot bigger than Tamura & Miyato. Tamura had enough skill to work around the bigger men, but Miyato just got destroyed. Miyato was game and showed a ton of spirit, but he kept getting overwhelmed and would lose points. By the end, I was screaming at Tamura to not tag out. Sure enough, as soon as Miyato comes in, gets taken down and tapped to an STF. Fun match, would like to see Tamura one-on-one against Fleming.
  4. Silver is bigger than Takada, but couldn't do much with him. Silver tried a few takedowns but Takada would reverse and force a rope break. On the feet, Takada goes low, then high with kicks to cause a knockdown. Silver starts getting a little desperate, opening up with kicks. Takada grapples and forces his first takedown, in the middle of the ring, and gets the tap with a heel hook. He made it look easy.
  5. Takayama came out on fire, throwing slaps and knees. Kanehara showed his experience as he was able to take Takayama down and work for the submission. This was the story of the match, Kanehara weathering the storm and using technique to gain control. This was Takayama's first match and the crowd was already chanting for him. Kanehara eventually was able to get the 6'7" Takayama down far enough away from the ropes to get the submission. Good match, a little surreal seeing a young Takayama.
  6. This was all about Bruno getting revenge, I never got the sense he was going to lose. Bruno beats Zbyszko up for a while, then gets hit down low. He comes back pretty quickly and beats on Zbyszko some more. Zbyszko gets the upper hand again, and manages to injure and bloody Bruno's arm. Zbyszko tries to walk out of the cage twice but Bruno just grabs him with his good arm and flings him back in. Bruno beats him up a little more, then just walks out. Zbyszko chases Bruno out and Bruno wallops him twice more on the forehead. Zbyszko raises Bruno's arm and walks off. The crowd is loving it. It was fine. I was displeased to hear Michael Cole on commentary but...I didn't hate him.
  7. Did Lex Luger sleep with the director's wife or something? When Luger is running wild early, the camera keeps cutting to crowd shots. Windham tags in and that stops. When Luger makes the hot tag, it cuts to Dillon standing outside doing nothing while Luger is in the ring. Really weird. The match was great. Crazy hot crowd, faces run wild and almost get the pin a minute in. Barry Windham does this cool spot where he follows Blanchard to the outside while he is in a sleeperhold. He doesn't let go and puts Blanchard to sleep on the outside. Arn has to come and wake him back up. Anderson and Blanchard do what they do best, cheating and double-teaming to get the advantage. Windham kicks out of the slingshot suplex, which sets the crowd off. Luger gets back in and he is unstoppable. The absolute joy of Luger when he gets the win is a sight, jumping high in the air and lifting his partner. Tag team wrestling doesn't get much better than this.
  8. Albright is huge with a big scar on his face, he just looks like he loves a good scrap. They get into it immediately. Burton (2-6) puts up a fight, but he is no match for Albright (7-0). Burton actually manages to get a leglock on Albright, but this just angers the big man. Albright batters him with forearms and drops him on his head until he can go no more. He taps as Albright is picking him up. Albright cuts a promo backstage, putting over Burton and calls out Takada.
  9. Landell & Anthony are excited to be in their old stomping grounds, where they went to high school together. They joke around and talk about hurting people. Landell has crazy eyes.
  10. This was a great promo from Pritchard and Cornette. I forgot Stan Lane was even there until the camera cut to a wide shot. I love when the faces give the heels a taste of their own medicine and the heels get pissed about it. Pritchard is upset because the cut over his eye ruined his chance to film some commercials in Hollywood.
  11. xlynwoodx

    [1992-06-27-SMW-TV] Interview: Ron Garvin

    Garvin is in the "better shape of his life." This promo was bad, but I loved watching it. He's coming to SMW to help out Brian Lee.
  12. Moondogs attack Lawler and Jarrett mid-match. Jackie Fargo saves the day and helps chase them off, then cuts a promo. I got the feeling Jackie Fargo was sitting at the bar when this went down and he ran in.
  13. Goofy video of Brian Christopher having a bum clean his immaculate yard interspersed with clips of him wrestling. Christopher looks like such a jerk.
  14. LOD visit a destroyed building that Hawk calls a slum. The sight of Hawk trying to crawl through the rubble with his shoulder pads on is hilarious. Then they find a ventriloquist dummy and everything goes off the rails.
  15. xlynwoodx

    [1992-06-27-WWF-Superstars] Razor Ramon vignette

    WWF has done tons of "Coming Soon" vignettes for wrestlers over the years. How many have built a guy up better than Razor Ramon? You know exactly who he is, where he comes from, and what he is coming for. He scars the hearts of the women who love him, and the souls of men in the ring.