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  1. HBK looks ridiculous with the mid-length hair and necklace. The storyline coming in was of Chris Jericho wanting to "destroy his idol" at Wrestlemania. The 'Mr. Wrestlemania' moniker hasn't yet become a thing with Michaels, but there were a few times where Lawler would talk about Wrestlemania being a special event for HBK. Jericho kept trying to one-up Michaels. He wanted to outgrapple him early, but Michaels wouldn't let him. Jericho had HBK scouted pretty well, he was able to reverse Michaels or cut him off before he was able to put too many moves together. Jericho really took control after turning a Michaels dropkick into a Walls of Jericho on the outside. He worked over HBK's back for a while, JR would continue to bring up how much pain Michaels was fighting through in his back for the rest of the match. No matter what Jericho did, the resiliency of Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania was too much. Jericho started showing frustration at not being able to keep HBK down, pleading with the ref after HBK reached the ropes while being in the Walls. This led to a huge Superkick from HBK. Jericho kicked out after Shawn Michaels was slow to get the cover, but lost to a rollup shortly after. Not an epic Wrestlemania match but still pretty good with a nice, basic story.
  2. xlynwoodx

    [1985-12-07-WWF-Boston, MA] Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat

    These guys were so smooth and worked perfectly together. Steamboat worked Savage's arm early. I liked how they would break up the armlocks with a quick action spot, then return to the mat as Steamboat wore down Savage. Steamboat got knocked out of the ring and Savage hit the double axehandle to the outside. It looked a lot better than most dives you see because he doesn't need to wait for Steamboat to be in position to catch him. A lot of dives have that awkward moment where the person on the outside is standing there watching someone come running towards them and they don't do anything to avoid it. Savage gets the win via foreign object, Monsoon accuses the virtuous Ms. Elizabeth of giving Savage the object and is forced to apologize after a replay shows it coming out of Savage's tights.
  3. HHH and Steph had scheduled the Shield in a mystery match. Their opponents turned out to be every B and C tier heel on the roster. I would have liked Rusev and possibly Barrett to have been kept out of this. Rusev was also missing Lana to give him direction. The crowd struggled to find a good chant for the Shield, attempting "Shield" and "Hounds of Justice," neither of which worked very well. Rollins got beat down for a short while then things turned into a pier 6 brawl when Reigns hit a huge spear on Ryback outside the ring. Ambrose hit a wacky dive on the group outside followed by Rollins taking out 10 men. The heels overwhelmed the Shield back in the ring, leading to the return of Evolution. Three aging superstars desperate to keep their place on top of the card forced to band together to curtail the next generation. My favorite thing is as Evolution walks to the ring, you can see Ryback still selling the spear from Reigns, crumpled in a heap next to the barrier.
  4. This was probably my favorite match of the night. Both guys worked hard and it went back and forth. At least four times, Dolph runs full speed at Barrett and gets cut off and beat up. Barrett wins with the Bull Hammer elbow. Since WM, he has cleanly beaten Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and now Dolph Ziggler. His bout with Sheamus should be a bruiser.
  5. xlynwoodx

    [2014-04-14-WWE-Raw] Ultimate Warrior Tribute

    A nice video package leading into a 10 Bell Salute for the Warrior. The whole crew was out, even Vince. HHH and Steph started a Warrior chant. They showed a few clips of classic matches throughout the show (WM6, Summerslam 88 v. Honky Tonk Man, and Summerslam 90 v. Rick Rude). A few guys wore Warrior shirts in their matches and the Usos did a cool Warrior tribute with their face paint for the night.
  6. xlynwoodx

    [2014-04-14-WWE-Raw] Toys R Us Commercial

    So I found this commercial on Youtube and I thought there was no way it aired on national television, but apparently it did. Wrestlers wearing their gear in real life is always so silly.
  7. Steph seemed be to channeling Vince here as she laid into Kane for failing as the Director of Operations. She wanted to bring back the Big Red Machine and Kane got angry. He picked up his mask and I guess we have a title bout for Extreme Rules. Hopefully not an inferno match.
  8. John Cena came and showed some "funny" photos of Sister Abigail, Wyatt's mother, and baby Wyatt with heads of the Wyatt family superimposed on them. Not very funny, what is annoying is the commentators snickering when Cena goes into his schtick. Cena drops a Roll Tide and gets a very divided response from the crowd. Wyatt responds that Cena always makes jokes. Cena gets serious, reminds Bray that he failed at Wrestlemania, and offers him a rematch at Extreme Rules in a steel cage so that Wyatt's family won't be able to help him. Color me skeptical, but I don't expect a cage to keep them out. Bray talks some nonsense about playing catch with knives and someone eventually getting stuck. He's got the whole world in his hands. Serious Face Cena is serious.
  9. xlynwoodx

    [2014-04-14-WWE-Raw] Adam Rose vignette

    Adam Rose beats the Easter Bunny at Hungry Hungry Hippos than cheers him up.
  10. xlynwoodx

    [2014-04-14-WWE-Raw] Sheamus vs Jack Swagger

    I've been enjoying Sheamus's matches lately, but this one didn't do a whole lot for me. Sheamus let himself get distracted but a very slow moving Zeb Coulter, got beat up for most of the match, then hit a Brouge Kick out of nowhere for the win. Zeb was not happy afterwards.
  11. Poor Alberto Del Rio, a few weeks prior, ADR beat Big E clean in a non-title match. He never got a title shot off that win, and is now stuck in an 8 Man Tournament for a title shot. You knew ADR was losing since he didn't even get a ring introduction. The crowd was really into RVD, chanting his name and doing his pose throughout the match. They had a pretty good back and forth match, Del Rio got caught too many times playing to the crowd. This eventually cost him, he let RVD recover enough to avoid the Cross Armbreaker, then quickly knocked Del Rio off the top rope and hit a 5* Frog Splash for the win.
  12. xlynwoodx

    [2014-04-14-WWE-Raw] Cesaro vs Mark Henry

    Cesaro tried to make it a battle of strength with the World's Strongest Man to start, but didn't have a lot of success. After regrouping to the outside with Heyman, he came back with "Plan 2." This plan appeared to be Ruthless Aggression as he began going wild with uppercuts and elbows. Henry struggled to get any separation from Cesaro, eventually succumbing to the Cradle Piledriver. The way Cesaro is bent over when he lifts Mark Henry up for this and holds him in the air is bananas. I like how they are having Cesaro use Heyman's advice in his matches to win. Next round in the tournament is Cesaro v. RVD which sounds interesting.
  13. Usos were looking for some revenge after getting beaten down last week. They got the jump on Orton/Batista at the start, ran wild for a few minutes, but the heels took over once things settled down. They had a few moments in the match but for the most part, Orton & Batista were in control. The match spilled outside and the Shield attacked. The crowd lost their shit for this. Reigns hit Batista with a Superman punch which he sold like a million bucks. Curious to see how the Usos feel about the Shield coming out in the middle of their match.
  14. xlynwoodx

    [2014-04-14-WWE-Raw] Paige vs Alicia Fox

    This is Paige's first "real" match on WWE television after debuting the previous week and beating AJ for the title. Alicia Fox took control and had some decent offense, I liked the trio of backbreakers that she hit Paige with a lot. Paige got control with a kick to the gut, hit a weak looking clothesline and dropkick, and got the win with the Scorpion Cross Lock. I'm not sure what to think about Paige yet, I came away from this more impressed with Alicia Fox.
  15. I red somewhere that this was a surprisingly good match so I figured I would track it down. Luger is looking incredibly jacked and shiny here. Luger has the upper hand in the beginning until he takes a wild bump into the second ring. Spivey hits some cool offense, including a tombstone piledriver and a crazy looking spinning elbow drop off the top rope. Luger fights back by dropping Spivey onto the top rope, taking the wind out of the big man. The two brawl for a bit but Spivey never seems to fully recover from this, the commentators start selling the fatigue both men are feeling. The finish somehow avoids being a Botchamania highlight, Luger dives off the top rope and double reverses into the pinfall. Spivey just seemed too gassed to kick out in time. Solid match.