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[2001-10-27-APW-King of the Indies 2001] Christopher Daniels vs A.J. Styles


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A much better showing from Daniels when compared to the lackluster match he had with Super Dragon the night before. This goes just shy of 15 minutes and they cram everything they possibly can into this. Much like the Dragon/Spanky match, it's clear that these two have had a lot of experience wrestling each other as they move so seamlessly and smooth when going from move to move. Styles does trip over the top rope as he's going for a dive, but he thankfully saves himself from any real damage. Seeing the first few rows come unglued from their seats after Daniels catches Styles with a German was magical.

This is not without flaws, mind you. They do venture into overkill territory in the later stages of the match and you can see the crowd starting to get burnt out. I think this match peaked after Daniels kicks out of a second-rope Styles Clash. There ain't no topping that.

Even with all it's flaws, this is still one of the better matches from the weekend so far.


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