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[2001-04-20-JAPW] Low Ki vs Elax


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Oh god, Rob Feinstein is actually on commentary. Ick. He's a running stream of terrible jokes. The announcers completely ignore the match to talk shoot interviews while Low Ki clubs the shit out of Elax.  Elax works the leg and Low Ki does a nice job selling it (it prevents him from doing Tidal Crush),  but Ki is too strong and this is close to a squash for him. The match works as a nice sample of Ki's stiffness. Ki wins with a knockout forearm strike, which was a nicely surprising finish.


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The comedian that is Rob Feinstein has taken to calling Elax “Ex-Lax”.  Without doubt he’s the only person who finds himself funny, hammering this “joke” long past the point of tedium.  Ki tells Elax that this “isn’t personal, it’s business”, but as he turns around to hand the microphone back Elax clips out his knee and starts stomping on it.  Give him some credit he’s come with a game plan, although Feinstein and Gargiulo are more interested in plugging RF’s video business and what interviews he’s recently filmed.  Elax drags Ki out the corner by one leg, Ki doing that impressive full length split before getting to his feet and blasting him with an enzuigiri.  Ki pulls Elax’s shirt over his head, so he can chop away at his bare chest.  Stiff kicks to the back followed by a crossface across the bridge of the nose.  Elax takes out the knee a second time when a tentative Ki delays slightly on the Tidal Crush, hesitant as to whether he’d be able to hit it after the earlier damage that was done to it.  Ki quickly takes over again, kicking Elax twice in the chest and a third around the side of the head.  Repeated headbutts, Ki holding Elax by the hair and not letting him go.  More chops to the chest which is turning a nice shade of red.  Feinstein is now talking about twinks.  Can someone cut his microphone?   After being sat on the top turnbuckle Elax fires back, shoving Ki backwards to the mat.  A very shoddy tornado DDT.  He then starts sobbing that it was only a two count, presumably knowing that there is every chance his suffering is moments away from continuing.  Ki blocks the implant DDT, hammerlocks the arm and rolls Elax up for a near fall.  That was a real cool looking pin attempt.  Elax is back attacking the knee.  Feinstein the Love God thinks it’s appropriate here to tell us about the night he allegedly had sex with two women at the same time.  I almost wrote this during the March Jersey All Pro show when he was prattling on, but what it is they say about guys who feel the need to talk and brag about stuff like this?  DDT.  Middle rope moonsault to the leg.  Ki drives Elax into the ropes to prevent the implant DDT and a boot to the gut takes him off his feet.  More of those headbutts.  A stiff forearm floors Elax and looks to have KO’d him.  It has, the referee calling for the bell to stop the match.  Dixie, Insane Dragon and the scruffy ref are out to check on Elax and help him to the back.

Elax is awful, the commentary is worse, the match was too competitive (Ki should’ve completely squashed him), but I enjoyed watching Ki stiff and beat the fool up.

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