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  1. Migs

    Wrestling Bookers

    Yeah, maybe 10-15 years ago I'd have been interested to see Raven or Shane Douglas do it (Shane did in XPW for a hot minute), but not today. Most of the guys I'd have picked a couple of years ago get to do so now in AEW.
  2. Migs

    Winning streaks - good or bad?

    Tommy Dreamer also became a main eventer based mainly on losses, although he won plenty too. The examples of Austin and Bryan are interesting because while they both won a lot (I think we all agree that's important for a babyface in almost all circumstances if they want to be pushed as a top guy), they didn't have "winning streaks" as a gimmick. Sometimes I think that's more effective if you're trying to let the babyface maintain a certain underdog status.
  3. Thanks! Didn't realize she didn't live with him at all. I guess I have always just imagined Ric Flair being the weirdest Thanksgiving guest, coming to dinner with full Flair energy, whooing about stuffing and hitting on somebody's Mom, and I was hoping for a story to confirm my errant daydream.
  4. The live stuff from Starrcast I found generally underwhelmed - maybe it's the setting, but it just didn't always seem conducive to a deep conversation unless someone was very open. Also, I don't need a full recap of Ask Megan Anything (I really do not care about being married to Conrad), but would be interested in some highlights regarding Ric Flair as a dad. That just seems like the craziest experience.
  5. I guess we're still waiting? Is the ECW pod that Meanie and Gertner did for AFS any good?
  6. That always strikes me on rewatch as one of the greatest crowds to ever be a part of. Just the energy in that building radiates off the screen.
  7. Cody - Dustin from Double or Nothing Gargano - Almas from NXT Takeover Philly American Dragon - Low Ki - Chris Daniels from the first ROH Show Low Ki - Xavier Ladder Match Bryan - Kingston Wrestlemania 35 (with honorable mention to Okada-White and ZSJ/Suzuki-Tana/Ospreay - NY Mania Weekend was crazy) Also, I'm not sure one single match ranks, but I was at All In and I'm not sure I'll ever top that as a live wrestling experience.
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  9. I would wager that's the biggest point of the NDA - if investors had an inkling of the golden parachute Bischoff got, they'd be suing Vince for wasting company money by firing him two months in. The one thing that's weird to me is firing Bischoff so quickly into the Fox run. He seemed like a convenient scapegoat, and it's not like the ratings went up - why not use him as a scapegoat for a couple of more months? (Could be it was something contractual that would have kicked in, could be Vince has no patience.) But a lot of the rest of the stuff comes together - Bruce is trying to stump for his friend, Vince probably wouldn't have gone with it but hears Eric is talking to AEW and wants to keep him away, and he needs a headline because of the XFL stuff. Maybe he even thinks it'll be fun to have Eric around as a sparring partner in the way Heyman may be for him, and he got disappointed to find Eric didn't have his heart in it.
  10. Migs

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Hearing Dalton Castle may now be a free agent, which would make his treatment over the last year make a lot more sense.
  11. Migs

    AEW Dark Megathread

    Isn't it "MexiKings"? I feel like Fenix has referred to himself as that.
  12. Migs

    WWE Network... It's Here

    This is one point I always push back on - Nash was wildly over at the end of 1998. He had been hot all year, WCW totally blew it by not doing him vs. Hogan when the fans were losing their minds whenever they touched, and he was a big enough star for his spot. The mistake was (1) turning Nash in beating Goldberg was a mess, for the reasons you lay out, but moreso (2) the Fingerpoke reset the entire prior year in a totally illogical way. (The Fingerpoke is overrated in its effect on killing WCW but it fucking blew.)
  13. Migs

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Ha, I missed a page of posts. Buck Sexton. Great wrestling name.
  14. Migs

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Um, I went to high school with that guy. He took Ivanka to one of our dances. That is quite the worlds meeting bit of weirdness.
  15. Interesting stuff. The overall turn makes a lot of sense to me, although it does feel like there's some color missing because of the NDA. Like... I've worked for some really intense bosses, and there's always a breaking point moment. I wonder what that was for Eric for with Vince.