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  1. If that top line is true, good for them for seeing what's happening with Becky and running with it. I know that's what a sort of low bar for a wrestling company, but given their tone deafness over the last few years, that's very encouraging.
  2. Migs

    WWE Hidden Gems

    It is spectacularly weird. The slo mo replays of body slams, the green screen, the cuts to fans in a bar(!) - it's so low rent and 80s. I want to watch it with friends just to crack jokes about it together.
  3. Migs

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    It didn't help that they lost power during Page/Cody-Briscoes, which looked decent otherwise. Enjoyed the Bouncers-SCU, but I'm down for any Bouncers match at this point. These cards feel pretty hit and miss to me on the whole, other than Toronto.
  4. Migs

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    I think MLW has gotten better in terms of angles (which makes sense, as it takes some time to develop the characters), but I still haven't really cared about the outcome of an MLW match yet. It's main upside is that it's a watchable, 1 hour weekly show that moves well and keeps the action level up. It's never a slog to get through. In 2018, I feel like that might make it the best weekly show (not including New Japan, who's weekly show isn't really comparable to anyone else's).
  5. I think it'd probably behoove them to do a dual track (or I guess two separate files), one with the original commentary and one with some new English commentary. I also don't know if the plan would be to upload all the TV, as opposed to cherry picking matches featuring big stars in Puerto Rico.
  6. Migs

    WCW's Highway to Hell

    I don't think WWE folds any time soon, but if it does, it starts with Triple H beating Punk two months after the Pipe Bomb. It kicked off an era where they were actively fighting the fans on a regular basis. Same as the way that WCW started dying the day they didn't just do a proper blowoff for Sting-Hogan at Starrcade '97.
  7. I really enjoyed Cody and Aldis, but everything else was completely worthless.
  8. Migs

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Watching this week's TV show - how hard would it have been to paper the side with the hard cam for the taping? There's more than enough fans in the upper level they could have moved down. Looks terrible. At least it seems they might be down to taping three weeks of TV per taping, which should help the freshness.
  9. This is one that it seems like benefited greatly from experiencing it in the moment and in context. Stumbling onto this match on a comp on Honor Club left me fairly cold (particularly, as Edwin points out, Punk hulking up almost completely out of character at the end). But the energy in the room definitely seems like it was something, and seeing Punk win the belt after the journey had to be super meaningful.
  10. Migs

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    They've also done somewhat minimal work to build the undercard guys. They keep doing these shows where they bring in New Japan or CMLL or UK talent, and while it can make for a fun individual show, it means a lot of the regular roster doesn't even make these shows. And that keeps them from developing any momentum, and they haven't become meaningful talent. They've become incredibly dependent on the Elite guys and New Japan to draw - if they lose the Bucks and Cody, the bottom could fall out very quickly.
  11. Definitely more interesting as an athletic display than for any level of storytelling in the match. Not really sure they do enough on an athletic level to recommend it over any match from the rest of these guys' oeuvre.
  12. Obviously all rumors now, but this would make some sense as the thing Cody has been hinting about in terms of breaking down barriers in 2019. They could launch it in September with All In 2? Could all those guys stay independent for much of 2019? Cody as NWA Champ, the Bucks as NWA Tag Team Champs?
  13. We'll be back on October 25th at 7:30PM! Our guests are Guy Evans, author of NITRO, and Mitch Fesh, promoter of Xtremely Serious Wrestling! Here's the monologue from the last show -
  14. Migs

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Picking up from War Games a few weeks ago might make sense. They pretty well explain the story there, and that gets followed Ki vs. Fenix and a whole bunch of PCO and La Parka. The Battle Riot special from a couple of months ago was also pretty fun.
  15. Migs

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Much like a lot of the MLW stuff, I think the idea behind her being the lead heel manager has been a little better in idea than execution. I do like when she goes back and forth with Konnan, though - that seems to be helping her find her footing. Building to Ki vs. Penta seems like a pretty good idea, too.