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  1. You don't think 240K a year sounds reasonable for a top independent draw?
  2. It's also VERY curious that there are like 15 accusations and 3 lawsuits. It says he's trying to target those with the weakest corroboration to, as rovert said, try and say he's "innocent."
  3. Migs

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    DBS Jr. definitely seems to be on the way out. Mancer is an interesting one to me - he's got a very specific act that I wonder which larger companies would go for.
  4. Migs

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    The episode of Underground TV they posted this week is a good one, with Jerry Lynn getting a surprising amount of heel heat and an interesting angle/match involving the World title that was apparently the result of Japanese promotion politics being transferred to a second rate Florida indy. Worth checking out.
  5. Migs

    Who is the worst booker ever?

    He had also been doing some work in wrestling while not with WWE (I know he was doing at least some production stuff with MLW in 2018).
  6. The White thing wasn't zero-to-100, though. You can really see him get better in stages over 2018-2019, as he goes from being actively terrible to sort of figuring out the character (starting to have heat instead of go away heat) to really finding his groove as a heel worker in the G1 last year. I'm not quite as high as some here, but he's now firmly in a camp where I still enjoy cheering against him but am engaged with his matches in a positive way.
  7. Migs

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Yes, the lawsuit that a lot of the Saudi stuff came out of alleged that they withheld material information to keep the stock price high and then sold off shares before announcing the bad news that lowered the price.
  8. Migs

    G1 Climax 30

    I really loved ZSJ-Naito, particularly Zack's counters. Him coming in and just rolling Naito out of the Tranquilo pose was awesome, and there were a bunch of moments like that which were just really clever.
  9. Migs

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    There are people who are VERY worried that the capital gains tax rate is going to shoot up if Biden is elected, which would be a reason to sell stock now. Maybe she's not a true believer in Papa Donald's chances of victory.
  10. Migs

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Yes, I think. A lot of his arc in 2019 was going kinda batty after losing to Rush, and while they took it in a comedy context with the Joe Hendry stuff at the end of the year, this feels like a more fruitful direction for him in terms of being able to be a top guy.
  11. Migs

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    They mostly have that in this tournament. Except Delirious.
  12. Migs

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Given Gresham is coming in so confident that he feels like the most likely finals loser. No one else on his side of the bracket seems to be a likely finalist (I guess I could see King or Sydal), but I could see him losing in the final to Lethal or Tracy Williams.
  13. Migs

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    The answer seems like it's somewhere in the middle. Puppet is a pretty strong word, and I kinda doubt Dave is actively attempting to carry water for WWE. On the other hand, if he's just sort of reporting what his sources give him and that's the office line, then yeah, he ends up unintentionally advancing their agenda.
  14. Migs

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Agreed, a great show, with a very nice presentation. Castle's promo in particular was excellent and felt like a side of the character he needs to evolve. I also thought the style of match worked really well for the closed set - focused, grounded, and the Pure rules give them little stories to tell. I didn't miss the fans here. Maybe I will when there's bigger moments as they progress, we'll see. Low key nice thing - they changed the opening, which had gotten really, really stale.