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  1. I think it's hard to have the conversation in the wrestling community because so many of the commenters are dudes. Look at the way Cornette went after Dana Brooke, as opposed to saying "ya know, I don't think this is working for her." Any internet discussion of this is going to be filled with misogny that would drive off a lot of people who could actually contribute.
  2. Migs

    Current New Japan

    Feels like there's definitely something to that idea. Trying to get the shows hot enough for their new TV contract while saving the things that can really draw money. The Okada match feels like Hogan wrestling Volkoff for a quick pop on a Saturday Night's Main Event.
  3. Yeah, Lesnar vs. Kofi is at least memorable, if not for great reasons. I was thinking about 2000 - I just can't imagine them doing something as interesting as the episode where Jericho beats HHH and they do the overturn in the same night, for example. Not every match is going to be that memorable, but it's like they're not even trying.
  4. When was the last time WWE did a world title match on free TV? It's weird - a lot of the most memorable moments of the Attitude Era were world title matches done on TV. Not even just the title switches, but it was a well they went to frequently to get a hot main event. And while they may have hotshot too much in those days, they seem to do the exact opposite now, despite saving those matches for PPV meaning less than ever. (They also haven't done a single title change of the top four belts since Wrestlemania, other than one based on a vacancy.)
  5. Migs

    Current New Japan

    Well, at least they're getting this Yujiro push done with fast?
  6. Migs

    Current New Japan

    If they're doing an EVIL reign, they really need to get these main events back down to 20-25 minutes. No one needs a 35 minute EVIL match. The Dick Togo reveal was wild, though, and might lead to another Bullet Club civil war thing down the line? The tag title match was definitely the match of the night, and a lot of fun. Not a classic, but definitely a unique structure, good build, great finishing sequence. Also, I'm guessing it's definitely going to be a while before we see the gaijin if Yujiro f'n Takahashi gets two pins and lays out Okada. Not looking forward to whatever singles matches come from that.
  7. You know, if you turn Flair babyface after Bash '87, basically replace the Garvin switch with him versus, I dunno, Luger or heel Nikita or something, that's an interesting counterfactual. Make the on-screen relationship between Flair and Dusty not a zero-sum game and maybe it improves the off-screen one?
  8. I'm about 5'11, and in a picture I have with ZSJ, he looks 2-3 inches taller than me. I'd eye ball myself, relatively using the pictures, at 2-3 inches taller than Cole.
  9. Migs

    Current New Japan

    He lives in Florida, can't get into the country without a significant quarantine. My assumption has been that they're saving the gaijin for the G1, when there's probably big enough houses to justify flying everyone in early, putting them up, etc.
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  12. Yeah, at the very least you'd think they'd use them for "before they were superstars" things for Gargano, Riddle, Gulak, etc. Not sure how careful Evolve was with copyrighted music, which would effect how quickly they put full shows up there.
  13. Migs

    Independent Wrestling.TV

    What's up stays there. I've used both HSN and IWTV, and I do think they both struggle with curation, the "so much content it's hard to make a choice" problem. I think IWTV solves that by having a livestream you can toss on if you can't decide. They've also got more current content, particularly in non-pandemic times.
  14. Migs

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    You pulled the top 3 guys (along with Homicide) who worked a style with any struggle in that period. Watch AJ-Christopher Daniels from '01 or '02. Even mores watch, the SATs, or a ton of other guys who were less good. So much of the work deeply requires cooperation, and you can see the strings. We can joke about Private Party but they're Danielson-level compared to the 2002 ROH mid card. Now, will you find spots that look too cooperative at times today? Of course. You'll see a person waiting in place for a spot at times. You'll see sequences that look a little too smooth. But this is a problem that's getting better, not worse.
  15. Apparently he tweeted something cryptic about his status with MLW, so maybe not?