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  1. I actually thought this was pretty good. I liked that they kept with the 2-on-1 dynamic for a while, when a lot of times it would be dropped pretty quickly. They made an agreement and they stuck to it, until Roode took a chance to get Aries out quickly. That nicely set up a segment with Aries and Roode while Hardy rested - again, a logical way to get to that, instead of the usual lazy three way structure. Liked the length, liked the pacing. Good have gone for a bit longer run at the end, but Hardy and Aries had wrestled enough that it wasn't really necessary. Nice match, worth seeing (at least in the context of watching some 2012-13 TNA).
  2. The Vader comparison is a good one for Kong, and this had a bit of a Sting-Vader vibe for sure. Kim is really great at selling the desperation and finding ways to get offense that don't break the sense that she's in desperation mode all the time. Great escalation in a match that starts so hot, too. Clever finish. Recommended for sure.
  3. I'm assuming that's probably what derailed it.
  4. I'd be into a proper Owens-Bryan match, although that seems unlikely.
  5. I liked this, although not as much as some (Meltzer had it at ****1/2). Roode had been effectively built as a champion, and Aries being put in the bind of giving up the X title for the shot really worked for his character - the talented smaller guy with a bit of Napoleon complex. Aries is very good here. Roode is solid, but he sort of lacks another gear as a worker to put this over the top. He's a guy who needs a gimmick to help push things (his street fight with Storm at Bound For Glory escalates with thumb tacks, not the ring work). Worthy climax to Roode's reign, though.
  6. Migs

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    I also just don't get why people want to talk about the New Day turning. Them running to Kofi to support him after the match is exactly the sort of thing WWE lacks. It's a really positive, non-contrived moment. I wouldn't consider a turn until one of them wins the title. Then you can tell a natural story about one of the other guys wanting the title, and that getting in the way of their friendship. You can main event multiple shows with that turn.
  7. Migs

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    Terrific finishing stretch to the Chamber match, has to be high on the list of the best Chamber endings (and I think the whole match is probably towards the top too).
  8. Migs

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    That would actually be a reasonable mid-card Mania match.
  9. Migs

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    I always presumed he got a better off from beIN than expected and decided to push forward. It never made a lot of sense to me otherwise. The switch to Saturday was apparently to avoid Smackdown, and to facilitate the live shows, since they usually run on Saturdays. I don't think it's particularly concerning. The inability to book long term because they keep losing guys is what's concerning.
  10. This one felt very standard TNA cage match for the first stretch, but in the back half, they really upped the bump level (although the moonsault from the cage is sort of expected from Angle by that point) as well as the intensity level. Liked both guys deciding to come back for more, and the way the match turned on those moments. The choke out at the end seemed like it may have been a bit of excess (the announcers didn't really tell a story that led me to think the feud was at that level), but it was certainly a good pay off to the escalation of the violence and one-upsmanship of the match.
  11. Migs

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Aldis was killer doing commentary on Bound by Honor with Caprice. He basically did play by play and was really good (especially in the Cabana-ZSJ match, which I really liked). Would listen to him call a weekly show.
  12. Migs

    Current New Japan

    Best guess - with the indication that White is in Omega's slot for this year, it was building to Okada getting the belt back at Dominion from Omega to set up Okada-Naito at the Dome. White goes into that slot, with Okada getting the belt from him (I'd guess that might be on MSG instead of Dominion to have a big moment there). As someone going to the MSG show, I sure fucking hope the path is Okada getting the belt back there.
  13. Migs

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    Has anyone read Jeff Bowdren's book? Sounds potentially interested, but the reviews are mixed. https://www.amazon.com/Breaking-Kayfabe-Dinner-Legends-Wrestling-ebook/dp/B072KFVMQX?pd_rd_wg=IbBw9&pd_rd_r=b4086380-17f2-4241-b900-83e2e091dca8&pd_rd_w=PusgZ&ref_=pd_gw_wsim&pf_rd_r=VVGK5VGBK8Y90TJ9585X&pf_rd_p=0fdcf133-a533-5c71-bb41-98370f5ed912
  14. Migs

    All Elite Wrestling

    On the other hand, my LGBTQ wrestling fan friends were pretty pumped to see AEW not just signing a gay man and trans woman, but putting them front and center.
  15. Migs

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Basically, yes. That seems to be the whole Aldis shtick - what if we had a touring champ with a web series? It's actually a really interesting meld of old and new, although I have no idea how Corgan makes money on it (although I assume his production company is getting paid to do those ROH Pinnacle videos). Maybe there was a vision at one point of AEW being essentially an NWA TV show, although if there was, that's obviously out the window. It's also possible Corgan is just doing this for fun, and while it doesn't make him much money, it's also not costing him much, and he's fine with that.