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[2018-09-23-PWR Live: Homefront] Jake de Leon vs Tengu


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This is for Jake de Leon's PHX Championship with Tengu flying in from London to challenge for the title. You can see some of the British influences on Tengu in the opening exchanges where they mix the hold trading with some comedy spots. Thought they played off well and got the crowd invested early on. The fact that they added in some character moments and taunts helped to start things off hot as well. From there, it transitions into a pretty straightforward arm vs. leg match. JDL targets Tengu's left arm to soften him up for the Inasal Lock and Tengu goes after the leg to try and weaken JDL's base. Thought Tengu's bumping looked a little weird in some spots, taking it more on the knees and on his sides than traditional flat bumps. Made things like his Brainbuster and his second rope splash look a little off.

The more footage I see and the more live events I attend, the more convinced I am that Jake de Leon is probably the best worker in the Philippines today. Guy has a strong connection with the crowd and has the best looking offense from what I've seen as well. He works well as an ace figure for PWR and his matches are always something to look forward to. I think this is a strong showcase for him.

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