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[2016-03-27-DDT] Daisuke Sasaki vs Masa Takanashi


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A 30 minute iron man match between two champions. Sasaki has the title from Chilean promotion MAX (I assume the connection there was Togo), and Takanashi has a title from Singaporean promotion SPW, from when he was doing Gatoh Move shows. The initial matwork was cool. Takanashi does the tapatia once again and Sasaki teases his finisher a couple of times. Sasaki fits really well in iron man matches, he gets a lot of time to grapple and he can also heel it up. He always ends up doing little interesting things, such as multiple pin attempts right after the first fall here or dumping Takanashi on the hallway and climbing into the ring for the count out late in the match. Takanashi is more of an underdog in this match, which he can be very good at but usually against bigger wrestlers than Sasaki. The small crowd was fairly quiet until Sasaki gets his second straight fall and later on when Takanashi started coming back, so I suppose Masa did get enough sympathy. I think Takanashi's good at a lot of things but some of his offense can be very goofy. The tide starts turning when Sasaki misses an elbow drop but he still kind of dominates the match afterwards, which is probably for the better. He does his tope, which is really nice. Takanashi still ties it up 2-2 with two cradles.

The match ends in a draw, and they both keep their obscure international belts.

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