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[2001-05-12-CZW-Stretched in Smyrna] Mark & Jay Briscoe & Ric Blade vs Jose & Joel Maximo & Red

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This is shot fan came style, which can make it hard to follow, but at least there's no annoying CZW announcers.

For a match with Triple Asai moonsaults thirty seconds in, they actually do get into a bit of a structure here with heat segments by the SAT and Red (although only after a matrix sequence between Jose and Blade that is, uh, not good). There was a lot to dislike here, but also a lot of effort and things to enjoy. Yes, there's an insanely long missed move train and a convoluted tiered superplex that they can't even get right, but they are also working real hard (getting a "Fuck the Hardys!" chant). I'm not sure I'd recommend this without reservations, but it's sort of an interesting look at a common match type on the 2001 indies, with all the highest highs and lowest lows of it.

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