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[2016-07-17-DDT] Konosuke Takeshita vs Tetsuya Endo


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The opening of this is awkward. It's just standard opening matwork, but technical wrestling isn't either's strength. Match gets better after Takeshita hits Endo on a break but weirldy, it is Endo who starts dominating the match afterwards. That seems like stalling because eventually Takeshita starts working Endo's arm. Takeshita has a neat transition into a kimura and Endo's selling is good as per usual. The match is better when Takeshita is in control, but they go back-and-forth. One of the best moments is Takeshita no-selling Endo's chops in a strike exchange and Endo building up to a comeback before getting cut off by a lariat. I think it's a disappointing match, the bright spots are Endo's fire and the finishing stretch, which is about as good as you'd expect.

The post-match turn is damn good. Endo joins Daisuke Sasaki and Damnation. Sasaki also brawled with Dick Togo after Togo's match earlier in this show.

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