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[2016-08-03-DDT] Akito vs Yuko Miyamoto


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This is a fluorescent light tube ippon match, which means that there's a singular light tube in the ring and whoever can get the opponent to break it gets an ippon and wins. It's a cool/interesting gimmick and the match is really fun and the right length for this at 8 minutes. There's two other matches with this gimmick on this show, as it was part of a tournament (turns out there's lots of ways in which you can narrowly avoid breaking a light tube) but this was the standout to me. There's a bunch of clever teases. Obviously for this to work, it has to be against the rules to just whack the opponent with the light tube but they both still try it after Miyamoto shoves the ref away. Akito wins after Miyamoto does a bridge over the light tube and he double stomps him onto it.

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