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[2016-08-28-DDT Peter Pan] Dick Togo & Mike Bailey vs Daisuke Sasaki & Tetsuya Endo


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Good tag match in Sumo Hall. DAMNATION jump Togo and Bailey under a pile of streamers to start the match. All combinations get some time throughout but Sasaki and Togo mostly brawl against each other, while Bailey and Endo do more high spots. Sasaki and Togo's punches (and their selling of the other's punches) are a joy to watch. Togo is also still very entertaining at this point, there's a moment when he has a chinlock on Sasaki, so Endo comes in to break it up but Togo just keeps it on while Endo kicks him. Then there's a good stretch with Sasaki and Togo, which goes from Sasaki overwhelming Togo, to Togo overcoming Sasaki before Sasaki counters the senton by getting his knees up. I know they had a submission singles match which ended in a draw but I wish they'd had a big blow-off to this feud.

Towards the end, Togo breaks up a pin by Endo on Bailey with a chair shot and he splits one of Bailey's eyebrows in half. Bailey goes through the rest of the match covered in blood but he does alright. He even takes another chairshot from Endo right before the finish.

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