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[2006-02-12-TNA-Against All Odds] Samoa Joe vs A.J. Styles vs Christopher Daniels

Superstar Sleeze

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Against All Odds 2006 - X-Division Champion Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles At first, I was like am I crazy or is this better than the more heralded Unbreakable match and after the sick Joe/AJ combo Back Drop Driver head drop on Daniels, it was pretty clear this is the better match. It is tighter and more efficient clocking in at around 16 minutes of action. There are just as many MOVEZ~! (aforementioned sick head drop, the monkey flip callback this time into a Boston Crab, Joe's suicide dive with AJ bumping like a champ). However, this time the match is structured so much better! Joe comes off as such a badass in this match. He dominates pretty much the entirety of the match. This leads to a cool sub-storyline where AJ and Daniels are constantly trying to beat each other because they know they cant pin Joe, really smart angle. Daniels wrestles so much better as the uber-sympathetic, concussion-prone babyface. It gives him so much more direction in the match and really makes him seem so much more relevant especially on his comeback attempts. AJ had a tough role because the match was really centered around the Joe/Daniels dynamic. I liken AJ to a good guitar fill in a song with badass riff. Joe/Daniels are that badass riff, but that fill in between verses is just as much as a hook. AJ gives you so much variety and intelligence in any match that I dont think he could ever be a detriment. I dont think this was as good as my current top two, which were a couple beast match. However, as a SMART spotfest (still very much a spotfest), this is one of the best. For all the praise Unbreakable gets, definitely sit down and watch these two side by side and decide for yourself because I dont think Against All Odds gets enough praise.

[Sounds like I should rewatch this ~****1/4]

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