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Superstar Sleeze

[2006-03-12-TNA-Destination X] Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels vs A.J. Styles

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Destination X - X-Division Champion Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles Easily the least of the three triple threat matches, but that isnt that much of a knock on this and more of a praise to how well-done the other matches. I like how in the previous match, AJ and Daniels were at each other's throats because they knew they couldnt pin Joe so they thought their best chance to win was against each other. However, this time they do a lot more teaming up against Joe including the nice symmetry of the two savings each other from Joe death blows (Ole Kick to guardrail and Musclebuster to chair). I believe the angle was set up well for Daniels to take it because he had the most sympathy due to the concussion. I think they could have stretched it out and give Daniels a big singles victory over Joe. In an effort to preserve the streak Ultimate X was smart. I just wish we got a Joe/Daniels rematch and Daniels got his win.

[Sounds like ***1/2]

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