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Superstar Sleeze

[2007-03-11-TNA-Destination X] Christian Cage vs Samoa Joe

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NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage vs Samoa Joe - Destination X 2007

I keep waiting for Christian to knock my socks off. He is very  good but nothing spectacular. Same holds true here. I thought Joe was great as usual. The shine was really good. Showed off Joe's strikes, explosiveness and the cool badass. Christian was pretty good feeding all this. I liked Christian squandering his lucky advantage by going for a chair perfect way for a heel to lose his edge by being greedy. Joe really threw him down. Christian finally gets a DDT on apron. I thought Joe's selling could have been better. I thought he died too soon. Christian had ok heel offense. Joe was great in his comeback really firing on offense. Match really went off the rails. I can finally pinpoint my issue with overbooking. I like overbooking in general and I know I'm kinda alone on this. I hate overbooking when it was non-consequential. There was a steel chair shot AND a ball shot where there was no selling AND Joe hit the next move after each. Respect that! Chair shots and ball shots should be big time blows. The actual finish is good with Christian doing the Survivor Series 96 finish using the ropes. Pretty good match nothing crazy overbooking sucked. ***1/2  

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