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[2004-04-09-AJPW] Toshiaki Kawada vs Osamu Nishimura


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Maybe not a great match due to some structural issues but I think it had some great moments, with a barefooted Nishimura challenging Kawada for the Triple Crown and trying to destroy his knee. Well, maybe not DESTROY but hurt it. Kawada's going to do his best to play gruff defense, leg kicking and headbutting and chopping Nishimura. They kick each other in the face fighting over a leglock, Nishimura wins, then goes to work with the deathlock and sickle hold. The struggle to hit the snapmare was well-conveyed and Kawada fights out and tries to keep Nishimura from attacking the leg but his big boot is caught and Nishimura dragon screw legwhips him down and puts him in the figure-four. Good legwork, pretty good selling from Kawada, who backdrops Nishimura on his head to buy himself some time. When Nishimura tries for a sleeper hold, Kawada kills him with another backdrop to escape. They try a little bit of everything submission-wise and Nishimura's able to hit a German suplex hold > octopus hold > dragon sleeper but can't finish off kawada. A few pin attempts later, Kawada runs through him with some offense, hitting a brainbuster and a powerbomb for two counts before putting him down for good with the running head kick. 

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