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[2017-03-12-BASARA] Dick Togo & Ikuto Hidaka vs Ryota Nakatsu & Ryuichi Sekine


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Nakatsu is pretty interesting to me, because he debuted in DNA and immediately got a shooter gimmick, but I think he never did any shoots. He also had really great gear in DNA, which he swapped for some really bad gear once he got to BASARA. Here, he teams with Sekine, as per usual. They're pretty alright. Opposite them, it's Togo and Hidaka! What a great team! Togo sons Sekine and Nakatsu early, just working a headlock. Upon tagging in, Hidaka starts working Nakatsu's arm and they have a pretty good exchange early. Then Sekine and Hidaka do the Cavalry spot, which consists of Sekine sitting on top of Hidaka and Nakatsu coming in to kick Hidaka in the butt and then Sekine and Nakatsu have a lil' chant. And then there's fighting spirit strikes but instead of chopping each other's chest, they kick each other in the butt some more. It's all very BASARA. I can enjoy this type of thing some times, but it's not really my favorite. Togo is the best one in this match because he just comes in to apply headlocks and bump for dropkicks. I enjoyed Nakatsu's selling for Togo's punches as well. The finishing stretch between those two was pretty good.

I'd like for Togo and Hidaka to team together more often at their advanced age, in other settings perhaps.

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