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[2009-02-10-WWE-ECW] Jack Swagger vs Christian

Superstar Sleeze

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ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs Christian - WWECW 2/10/09

I accidentally watched the wrong match. I was wondering why this was thought of so highly. Christian returns to ECW after being in TNA for about 3 years and says "Sufferin' Succotash" in his opening promo so thats where Roman got it from. Swagger lost his first match to Finlay the week before due to some Hornswoggle chicanery. Swagger was great here gobbling Christian up with his amateur wrestling stuff. Christian's right hand was great and rang throughout the building. He used that liberally in his shine and as hope spots. He kept Swagger off balance early with roll ups before succumbing to Swagger's amateur acumen. During the break, Swagger press slammed Christian to the floor in an impressive spot. Finish stretch was paced well by Christian a good mix of highspots and missed moves. Neither one can pull the trigger on their finish.The exposed turnbuckle is a red herring as Hornswoggle distracts the ref, Finlay takes out the leg and Christian engages the Killswitch for the win. Good TV match Swagger looked great here and Christian shows what he lacks in offense he makes up for in layout and escalation. Look forward to the actual hyped match. ***

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