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[2017-05-03-DDT] HARASHIMA vs MAO


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Good matches on random house shows are what's kept me watching through the DDT Universe archives, and this is one of those matches. It's got a clear through line, as HARASHIMA tries to keep the young, crazy high flier MAO grounded. HARASHIMA puts on a really good grappling performance. He starts by keeping MAO in his butterfly guard. MAO tries to get a better position and he fails most of the time, and then whenever MAO gets past the guard, it seems like HARASHIMA immediately gets his back. I really enjoyed all of that. On top of that, Hara is smiling and playing to the crowd through all of this, barely taking MAO seriously. MAO tries to gain an advantage by shenanigans and start running the ropes but HARASHIMA dropkicks him and starts tying him up again, also working in some of his flashier offense and working MAO's mid-section. MAO finally breaks out by surprising HARASHIMA with a dropkick after Hara commits the capital mistake of doing an Irish whip to try and kick MAO. He briefly gets the better of HARASHIMA with a couple crossbodies and a nice suplex. It doesn't last long, HARASHIMA finally gets angry and bests MAO with the superplex and some stiff forearms. He wins after hitting the somato. I liked this match a lot, I thought it escalated in a smart way and was enjoyable throughout.

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