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[1980-AJW] Yumi Ikeshita & Mami Kumano vs Tomi Aoyama & Lucy Kayama


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It's been great going through these 1980 AJW videos on Youtube, I just dig them on an aesthetic level. Lots of high drama and they always try some wild unsafe violent shit, which you gotta appreciate. I particularly loved the match between these two teams from '79. The first fall feels like a continuation of that match, as the Queen's Angels are now savvier and try to cut off the ring and not get caught in the Black Pair's corner. Eventually, they get Kumano in their corner but Ikeshita doesn't give a fuck so she just walks over to retrieve her partner, and they all start brawling all over. Suddenly one of the Queen's Angels starts choking both of the Black Pair out with a cord, and while she's doing that the other one climbs the ropes and fucking crossbodies both of them to the outside. They get Kumano (now bleeding) in the ring and one of the climbs onto the shoulders of the other and then dives onto Ikeshita, for good measure I suppose. That wins the first fall. Everything seems to be going well and they even start taunting the Black Pair, but I think the heel ref clocks one of the babyfaces halfway through the second half? There's a quick cut as she's trying to get a boston crab and suddenly she goes down and the evil Black Pair steal the fall. For a while it seems like we aren't gonna get the third fall since the three thousand red tracksuits ringside flood the ring but it starts eventually. And the Black Pair kick the shit out of the Queen's Angels. There's a bunch of really bad camera cuts so sadly, you miss a lot of the last two falls. First fall was great though.

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