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[2018-04-10-DDT-Maji Manji] Kota Umeda vs Shunma Katsumata


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This is a very good sprint. It has a five minute time limit so they run at each other and start trying to get a pinfall as soon as the bell rings. Katsumata tries to pin Umeda with a magistral and then a series of casadoras. Umeda kicks him very hard in return.The last twenty seconds rule, Katsumata counters a dropkick in the corner with a double foot stomp. He goes to do his finisher but Umeda counters with a knee and does the UMEDA DRIVER, which is a pretty neat finisher. Katsumata tries to block it, which was a nice touch when they had about fifteen seconds left before the time limit. Great sense of urgency and struggle throughout.

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