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[2018-02-23-Fight Club Pro-A Tribute to Francois Trebec] David Starr vs Walter


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Fantastic match, the best I've seen between these two and they've had lot of good ones. What I love about it is how they have a really compelling contest even though Walter controls at least 80% of the match, they don't feel any need to do though back and forth quick changes in momentum that's almost ubiquitous in wrestling now. Starr actually does pretty well in the opening few minutes, teases Walter a bit to come at him but dodging him, looking kind of cocky about it. He manages to knock Walter to the outside then looks like he's going for a dive but no.... He's tried that before in a previous match and it didn't end well. He's learning! Instead he lowers the ring-rope for Walter to get back in. Walter hits Starr with a chop, Starr fights back with chops of his own... Oh no... Why would you do that.

Walter just grinds him down to dust from now on end, including an absolutely shockingly stiff lariat that looked like it could take his head off! Starr manages just one desperate comeback where he somehow manages to wriggle out of Walter's grip and lands a German Suplex for a two count, but Walter gets straight back up and goes back to smashing him up. Starr's selling is very good. I felt really sorry for him because beating Walter obviously means so much to him, he just can't do it. Some guy in the crowd is chanting "Please don't tap!" as Starr's getting choked out. Stop encouraging him! He's clearly outmatched. Live to fight another day Davey.


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