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[1997-09-28-FMW] Vader vs Ken Shamrock (Cage)

Superstar Sleeze

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Vader vs Ken Shamrock - FMW 9/28/97 Steel Cage No Ropes UFC Rules

What the fuck? Why are Vader & Shamrock wrestling in FMW in the middle of 1997? This is at FMW big Kawaski Stadium show that apparently drew 50k. Vader vs Shamrock have a great match at Cold Day In Hell, this match is a shade below, but I do recommend it for the novelty. It is amazing how Vader works so well in a shoot-style context. Shamrock has injured ribs which was very en vogue in 1997. Vader is controlling the center of the ring but is tentative. Shammy is equally cautious wary of Vader's size. Vader goes after the ribs to get the first knock down. Shamrock comes roaring back with punches to the face. Shamrock goes for submissions. Vader is second to only Flair in verbal selling. His howling during that kneebar is great. They treat the steel cage like ropes which kinda defeats the purpose. Shamrock bodyslams Vader at one point and Vader ditches the mask. He has a nice mouse forming under his eye and Shamrock is blasting him. Vader is giving as good as he got as Shamrock's face does not look that great. Vader back to the ribs and massive powerbomb! Shamrock back up and Vader hits the World's Strongest Slam to trigger internal bleeding and the TKO victory! WOw! I am shocked I figured Shamrock would go over with his shoot fight credentials. Great big match feel. ***1/2

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