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[1974-12-04-Joint Promotions] Johnny Czeslaw vs Romany Riley


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WoS opening match! This is a pretty fun match. Mostly textbook holds and reversals, though they do get chippy at points. Man I think it was easier to create intensity in these old british matches because the ring they were using looks rough as hell. Or maybe they were just charging into those turnbuckle pads REALLY hard. Some jokes and stiff knee lifts. Riley was pretty rough around the edges here though I actually kind of liked his maybe uninentional foot first bumps. Czeslaw is just a flawless performer. His ultra tight chickenwing crossface was easily the highlight. It's all fun and games with oddly safe bumps through the ropes but they always maintain the aura of serious competition even with some laughs. It must take a lot of school to charge running through the ropes so fast and then land safely without crushing any grandmas in the audience.

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