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[1958-01-24-Steel Belt Wrestling-Buffalo, NY] Al Costello & Roy Heffernan vs Bill & Ed Miller


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Jersey Joe Walcott is the special referee so expect some punches from him. We only miss most of the early shine by the babyfaces. The Kangaroos work face in this match. This is a really modern tag match. We have all the troops of a classic southern tag : the shine, the cheating, the heel miscommunication, the cut offs, some double tag moves and a great clever finish. The 4 men are veterans and work well together : the Millers are the jocks that need to cheat against smaller opponents. 15/20.   Talk about it here.   


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Some clipping to begin, we start off with Costello frustrating Bill until he catches him in a cobra clutch leading to a heat based around head punishment. After some missed tags by the ref and cut offs, the Kangaroos gain the upper hand on a hot tag. Kangaroos are controlling Bill’s arm and Heffernan shows fire on offense until he catches a low blow that halts the match. This leaves Costello effectively alone, falling victim to another heat segment based around his arm; when Heffernan gets the tag, he’s still feeling the effects from earlier, making him an easy victim of and argentine back breaker where the Millers’ pass him back and forth without him touching the ground; Costello makes the save by passing as a Miller and carrying him to their corner. After some house cleaning offense, Ed pulls the tope rope down for Heffernan to tumble to the outside and hits him with a knee drop from the apron leading to a count out. Fun southern tag, surprisingly modern for it’s age with both teams playing their parts well. ***1/2

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