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    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    Cubsfan got 4 strikes tonight and his channel might be gone within a week. DL quickly everything you want : https://www.youtube.com/user/thecubsfan/featured
  2. Jersey Joe Walcott is the special referee so expect some punches from him. We only miss most of the early shine by the babyfaces. The Kangaroos work face in this match. This is a really modern tag match. We have all the troops of a classic southern tag : the shine, the cheating, the heel miscommunication, the cut offs, some double tag moves and a great clever finish. The 4 men are veterans and work well together : the Millers are the jocks that need to cheat against smaller opponents. 15/20. Talk about it here.
  3. conker8

    WWE Hidden Gems

    The TV before the Omni show The TV after that Omni show
  4. conker8

    WWE Hidden Gems

    At least now we have a version without Matt Striker on commentary.
  5. conker8

    WWE Hidden Gems

    It"s actually from the Amarillo territory. I believe a young Steve Stack interview Dory Sr. We saw a video of the three Funks wrestling each other, with Sr. having a couple of tricks under his sleeve. Now I can dream of a Race / T. Funk chain match shows up on the Network.
  6. conker8

    [1968-12-Paris, FRA] Jean Ferre (Andre the Giant) vs Andre Bollet

    For non-french people : Jacques Martin, the color commentator who said few words during the match, was a big star in french TV. It would be like Johnny Carson did commentary. Danièle Gilbert was the co-host with Jacques Martin and she is still on TV to this day. I did some researchs on André Bollet and was stunned to see he was a international sensation : he was a 2-times Texas Champion, wrestles at MSG and had a part on Borsalino, a french movie. In France, he was teaming with Robert Duranton, a big star on his own, and they even record an album. He was 44 here and he was incredible. Great on offense, can show ass and trash talk the crowd. Notes on the match : At 21:32, the crowd asked Jean Ferré to give a slap on Bollet's ass ("une féssée"). At 28:00, the referee gives a warning to Bollet (like in British wrestling).
  7. conker8

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    There is a 55 minutes match of 1968 André that just drops on Youtube Edit : it's only 42 minutes and André Bollet is one of my new favorites guys.
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    Current Lucha Talk

    Virus vs. Metallico was the MOTN. Live, I bought on every nearfalls. The crowd was hot. La Amapola vs. Kobayashi is also worth watching.
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  10. conker8

    WWE Hidden Gems

    It's a missed oportunity they did't use Lee Marshall.
  11. conker8

    Holy Grails

    Yesterday was National Cereal Day, maybe it was just a coincidence.
  12. conker8

    Current New Japan

    Jyushin Thunder Liger will retire at the next Wrestle Kingdom in 10 months.
  13. I couldn't fell asleep so I put this match. It's the only match from that channel I didn't watch back in 2015 as The Sheik put one horrible performance in 1954 (he wasn't help by the Great Yamato either). Three years later, The Sheik knows how to play his gimmick. His interactions with the crowd are good (crowd was imitating his "Huh huh huh"). The story here is that Melby totally outwrestles Sheik and the latter has to use cheapshots to escape holds. At the 20-minutes mark, things start to get nasty as both guys start to brawling. I don't remember guys like Hans Schmidt (he uses knees strikes) or Bruiser or Crusher (power moves) brawling that much, so it was a nice novelty. Crowd digs it. The punches are not Memphis-tier but it's fun to see a brawl in 50's Chicago and Melby is game to play with the Sheik's strenghts. I notice Russ Davis was not as energetic as usual and by the 20 minutes or so, you hear him coughing. The poor guy was sick that day. The finish is not exciting but makes sense.
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  16. Weird psychology as both teams cheat (and sometimes right in front of the referee). I understand the expression fight fire with fire but I didn't like how Inoki & Oki cheat that quick in the match - I even think they start switching without tagging before the heels. It's fun to see Royal & Jones (a babyface tag team in Crockett) being the dirty Texans before the Funks & Hansen & Brody. Royal has a great punch !! Love the antics after the match.
  17. conker8

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Sputnik Monroe !!
  18. conker8

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I remember reading on Wrestlingclassics that Steve Harms did the commentary. Edit : found a link. http://wrestlingclassics.com/.ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=113999
  19. This is the Graham show. He is great at stalling and stooging and can dish out a great beating. I love how he begs off. So good.
  20. conker8

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    It might be a new Santo vs. Casas (Arena Neza, 1991).
  21. Love the match. Total domination by the babyfaces with few cut off from the heels. I didn't expect Gotch doing some kung fu shit !
  22. This is a championship match for Franz Van Buyten's French Championship. Wrestling greats like Andre Drapp and Gilbert Leduc are introduced then Jack de Lassartesse ("American wrestler"), one of my European favorite wrestlers, challenge the winner. André and Lassartesse had a big time feud in the late 60's. Roger Hanin is also in attendance. The match starts with Van Buyten having a game plan for André. He tries different tactics like putting André on the ground or using his speed advantage. They work the size difference well and the match is a lot of fun with Roger Couderc on commentary. Now, I'm hoping a André - Lassartesse was taped.
  23. conker8

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRdDwKx3UM8 Is that really a new unaired match ?