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[2018-12-14-DDT-D-King Grand Prix] Go Shiozaki vs MAO


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Very fun match between grizzled vet Shiozaki and callow rookie MAO. MAO annoys and mocks Shiozaki until Go catches him, chops him, dangles him out the ring while in a sleeper hold and spikes his head on the apron. After that, Go brings the violence. He knees MAO in the head and repeatedly clobbers him with big strikes. One tiny detail that I enjoyed was MAO defending a vertical suplex attempt by grapevining Shiozaki's leg, whereas most wrestlers would just squat and make a noise. MAO makes a couple brief comebacks but Shiozaki chops him down with uh... chops.

MAO was amazing in this tournament, all his matches had an interesting spin of some sort. Shiozaki was also very good in the DDT environment overall, worked hard in every match and all that.

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