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[2002-11-18-WWE-RAW] Rob Van Dam vs Shawn Michaels


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The only match these two ever had, and that's a shame as they work well together. Good psychology from both Shawn and RVD as RVD works on Shawn's back while Shawn works on RVD's leg (after a leg screw). However, now we have to bring up the elephant in the room and that's the ending. I would have been satisfied with Shawn winning here and Hunter's attack happening after the match, so why mess up a perfectly good match by having HHH take out RVD and then attacking Shawn? Otherwise, excellent match ruined by the ending.

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Here's a match we never thought we'd see, and a match I never thought I'd want to see. It was the only TV match Shawn had in 2002. The rest of his matches were on pay-per-view. There are a lot of similarities between Michaels and Van Dam, and it feels like a natural matchup. Interesting choice to go with the back and leg psychology instead of being spot happy. The interference from Hunter is groan-inducing, but it shows how invested in the match I was. RVD deserves a ton of credit for becoming a made guy in the WWE. I wouldn't have given him a hope in hell after the Invasion debacle, but he became a fan favorite. I just wish JR would shut up about his educated feet. 

NB: I believe the date on this is 11/25.

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