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  1. They seem to think that Memphis was always a developmental territory for the WWF/E, which wouldnt be true until late in the USWA's run.
  2. One question, I've read that the Undertaker who was being raised to the "heavens" was actually Marty Jannetty in an Undertaker suit. Is this legit? Looking at the segment its hard to say, but the hair doesnt seem to match. I mean, they still could have conceivably just used Undertaker (slip a trap door in the casket so taker can head in back and get strapped up while the pre-taped interview is playing).
  3. It's been renewed for the fall season, albiet at 8:30 on Friday nights.
  4. While the guy playing Austin did have the accent down, the guys playing Hunter, Mankind, and Taker didnt sound like them at all. At least they had the look down though.
  5. Mantaur was LONG gone by the time Rocky debuted.
  6. So the next episode takes place in 1996 WWF:
  7. Yet another bump. That weird wedding from last week was billed as a "commitment ceremony". They have used Wedding before, so I dont know why they went with that.
  8. With Aries also working with the NWA, is anyone worried they might just merge with the NWA? I'd like to think Corgan wouldnt allow that, but stranger things have happened.
  9. Re: Super Astros Kind of weird the WWF kept Essa Rios around after the show was cancelled. He got a very minor push in the early months of 2000, but once the Radicals came in and the Eddie Guerrero feud ended, he was relegated to Jakked and Heat, yet was still kept around until fall 2001. Wonder why he was kept around for so long if they didnt have any major plans for him.
  10. JRH

    NWA Powerrr

    I think there was also an ep with wrestlers during the Comedy Central era. The scene I remember most was Randy Savage saying "When I win, it's real, when I lose, it's fake"
  11. JRH

    WWE Hall of *bell tolls* Fame 2022

    It's a dark horse induction, but how about Haku/Meng? He's pretty much achieved a status as a memetic badass due to all the stories about him, so he's got that going for him.
  12. JRH

    WWE Hall of *bell tolls* Fame 2022

    So is there any news on potential other HOF members? I could see them putting Dick Ebersol in the celebrity wing (for SNME), but he may be too obscure for the average fan (plus, SNME hasnt been on the air for years, even the short-lived revival was still over 10 years ago, it's not like something like RAW or Smackdown).
  13. JRH

    WWE Hall of *bell tolls* Fame 2022

    Definitely an oddball pick, but I'd put ICP in the celebrity wing. They have a deep respect for wrestling after all (even having their own promotion), and while their WWF run was a blip all things considered, they've put in others for doing less. Only problem is who could induct them, Luna and Golga are no longer with us, not sure how on good terms Vampiro is with them, maybe Kurrgan?
  14. JRH

    WWE Hall of *bell tolls* Fame 2022

    Is he still employed by WWE?
  15. JRH

    WWE Hall of *bell tolls* Fame 2022

    I can see the Steiners going in, I heard a rumor that Scott's open to working with them, and with Bron likely going to be the next big thing,,