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  1. JRH

    WWF TV Shows 1970s to early 1990s (pre-Raw)

    I dont see Bruno being involved with the Mafia, knowing his personality (or at least, what's we've heard in shoot interviews). At worst, he may have had friends who happened to be in the mob, but Bruno himself was likely innocent.
  2. JRH

    Ric Flair (sigh)

    Did he say "The Fall Out Boy"?
  3. JRH

    WWF TV Shows 1970s to early 1990s (pre-Raw)

    Getting back to the tv topic, it should also be noted that sometimes Prime Time and All American would replay the Superstars/Challenge matches with new commentary (usually by Hayes/Mooney), so as to both give the impression that they were new matches as well as to avoid having to discuss any angles that may have happened on Superstars/Challenge prior to that match.
  4. JRH

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Sadly, it seems that both shows have inexplicably been removed.
  5. JRH

    WWF TV Shows 1970s to early 1990s (pre-Raw)

    When did Challenge go to the Monsoon/Heenan team? I've seen clips of the earlier episodes and the broadcast team is Monsoon and Ernie Ladd and Johnny Valiant.
  6. JRH

    Worst wrestler/manager combination ever?

    Stan Hansen being managed by Freddie Blassie in early 80s WWF. You had roughneck Hansen being managed by a guy in a glittey coat. Didnt fit together at all.
  7. JRH

    WWE TV 08/05 - 08/11 Comedy can truly help in dark times

    He did have a denim vest with a bunch of band logos for a very brief time, but they dropped it. Shame as I mark for wrestlers wearing band shirts (at least it's more believable than them wearing their own merchandise).
  8. When I first got into it in 1990, the only wrestling in my market (New Hampshire) was Wrestling Challenge, ICW/IWCCW, and the occasional SNME special. When I got cable in 1993 I got most of the major stuff, as well as Superstars (since we also got the FOX afffiliate out of Boston along with the cable package). Prior to that I had to follow WCW and the other feds with PWI and visits to my Grandparent's house (who were early adopters of cable).
  9. JRH

    WWE Network... It's Here

    The WCW footage was pretty much B-Roll footage that they can use for documentary/news purposes. It's why Dark Side of the Ring is packed with WWE-owned footage.
  10. JRH

    Wrestling in unusual contexts

    How could I forget this, in the Simpsons episode The Day the Violence Died, Lionel Hutz's "surprise witnesses" include the McGuire Twins (no lines, it's just a throwaway gag). Granted, this assumes you consider them "wrestlers" in the first case.
  11. JRH

    All Elite Wrestling

    How is that mocking Dusty? Bayley spoke highly of Dusty in that clip, it was the Bar who ripped up the bear.
  12. JRH

    Wrestling in unusual contexts

    The U2 video Even Better Than The Real Thing has a brief snippet of a wrestling match during the "channel changing" segment. I've always wondered who the two wrestlers in that match were and where it came from.
  13. JRH

    All Elite Wrestling

    I think they should hire some of the production crew from WCW. They were able to make Nitro a legit threat to Raw with it's different, more modern look (as well as the sound, I've noticed that WCW shows from that period always sounded "louder"), and the same needs to be done for AEW, if it just looks like RAW (or worse, Impact) with different wrestlers, it'll just get old after a while.
  14. JRH

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    Has Armstrong Alley been mentioned? Tons of 80s indies/territory stuff: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqPNCmgH5lH-KS8cejs-Aww/videos Another good one is Reliving Wrestling, mini-docs about various storylines, only 5 vids so far, but well done and with actual footage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-w984PAEwzucoVSrPqn_Iw
  15. JRH

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Since her father died earlier this week (for real, not his kayfabe death in 2002), I expect a very emotional speech from Torrie tonight.