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[1996-05-02-JD'] Jaguar Yokota vs Cooga


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About 10 minutes of 15 shown. This starts out with a bang as Yokota misses a big dive to the floor and Cooga lands a Tombstone, then follows up with rabbit punches to the back of the head and Yokotas face, bloodying her. Cooga would continue to work over Yokotas neck, hitting another piledriver on a table and a big knee to the back of the head, while Yokota tried to make technical comebacks. This could've easily built to a classic but instead a wonky transition happens were Cooga apparently injures herself hitting a senton and Yokota just gives her the business hitting 2 kneeling piledrivers on the floor and then beating her with the double underhook kneeling piledriver. Maybe something essential was clipped out but yeah.

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