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[2010-10-25-WWE-Raw] Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler


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This is a rematch from the night before. Ziggler comes down to the ring with Vickie Guerrero and her NXT rookie Kaitlyn  I didn't realise how long ago 2010 felt until I heard how Lawler was on commentary on this match. He was ripping into Vickie Guerrero for her weight and appearance and he's SUPPOSED TO BE THE BABYFACE. 

Anyway, you can tell Mr. Workrate Dolph Ziggler is having a whale of a time getting to wrestle the Indy Legend Bryan Danielson. He's clearly been watching his ROH tapes as the opening exchange seems very reminiscence  of Bryan's time in ROH. Bryan scoops a leg and attempts to stomp on Ziggler's head, but he's just barely dodges. It's a neat exchange.  The only facial expression that Ziggler seems to have is 'Smug Handsome Heel', but he makes up for this with some nifty amateur wrestling flavoured roll ups. 

There's plenty of cool nearfalls here, mostly stemming from roll ups and cradles. It's a shame the actual finish is lacking. Ziggler gets trapped in the LeBell lock, Vickie sneaks his foot under the ropes, he taps anyway, match over. Oh well.


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They had that fantastic match at Bragging Rights the night before, and this sure was an extremely nice follow-up to that one. I absolutely LOVED the beginning stuff w/ Ziggler taking Bryan to the mat, Bryan getting out of his control by picking limbs any chance he got, and the way that whole section of the match ended with Bryan getting tired of Ziggler sitting there, so he naturally just stomped his face. That was some absolutely awesome stuff, and the rest of it rules as well w/ exciting action all the way through. ***1/2

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