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[2019-03-08-wXw-16 Carat Gold: Night One] David Starr vs WALTER


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David Starr got his pick for any first round opponent that he wanted. So he picked the man he just can't beat: WALTER. To start off, Starr went right after WALTER with relentless offense. It's this strategy, barreling forward at 100% that acts to both Starr's benefit and his detriment. While it does mean he absorbs WALTER's offense and keeps on coming, it also means that his risks don't always pay off. His suicide dive crashes and burns, he makes the same mistake WALTER has a million times and chops the ringpost. It's that same tenacity that makes Starr go for that Rear Naked Choke at the finish to try and put WALTER away. But The Ring General just knows the lay of the land too well. He tapped out with his foot beneath the rope, making Starr hesitate and break the hold. That's all WALTER needed to get control back and put Starr away yet again. Brilliant match. Simple story told well with some great spots and moments all the way through.


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