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[2019-03-30-Triple W-Total Rumble 9] A-Kid vs Will Ospreay


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You can keep your Devlin vs WALTER, THIS is the European match of the year for me, AND one of the best matches I have seen all year. I can't praise Ospreay enough in how ridiculously talented he is, so all the props to him for giving such an awesome performance for the still relatively small Triple W. A-Kid too is just an out of this world talent that you will be hearing a lot in the future as a major star somewhere in the world. His performance in this match was just as incredible as everything he did had meaning behind it. Whether it was getting beaten down and selling like death or countering Ospreay's athleticism with his own unique athleticism, he was a hometown boy on a mission to prove once again he could hang with world class talent. Not to mention the Triple W crowd is up there with the likes of PWG fandom in elevating a match's atmosphere. It's hard to mix athleticism with a compelling story and great character work, but both guys managed to do it for a perfect match, *****.

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I don't have this higher than WALTER-Devlin...but it sure comes close. I enjoyed this far more than I expected. We all remember how much love the ZSJ-Kid match got last year but this one definitely topped it by a very large margin if you ask me. A-Kid comes into the match still playing the hometown territory boy trying to get one over on the big veteran. Ospreay rarely gets to play the larger dominant force in a match so it was nice to see him try that role on for this match and I thought for the most part he succeeded in it. He came in with a sure confidence about him and it was nice seeing him get pushed by Kid and seeing Ospreay push back. The offense looked pretty great all throughout but the point in the match where it takes a turn for the excellent is when Ospreay starts taunting Kid with soft head kicks, allowing Kid to fire up against him. Not only did Ospreay play the overconfident vet but he got the crowd who were so happy to have him over turn on him suddenly. It was a great moment and a great way to lead into the finishing stretch where Kid looked like he might just pull it off. Awesome match for sure and I'm so glad it came to my attention cause of this forum.


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