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[2001-01-07-Osaka Pro] Takehiro Murahama & El Oriental & Tsubasa vs Black Buffalo & Daioh QUALLT & Gamna

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The runaway surprise promotion of the year in 2000 is back with another beautiful hybrid match. From the looks of things, Osaka Pro was still going strong which is good to see. This Gamna fellow had a falling out with Delfin at the end of 2000 and decided to turn his back on the good guys. He debuted a new look here complete with a bitchy new valet. I'm not sure if Togo had left the scene at this point but Gamna had formed a tag team with Daioh QUALLT and that Dudley manager was nowhere to be seen. As usual, Black Buffalo was the MVP of the match. He really is a tremendously underrated glue guy. Rookie of the Year, Takehiro Murahama, was a bit player here but his interactions with Gamna sewed the seeds for a dust-up somewhere down the line. Plenty of action in this as Osaka Pro continued to hold its title as the premier juniors fed. I was surprised that he heels jobbed here but they got their heat back in the post-match and there was potential for a series of rematches, which is the goal of any good trios match. I suspect we're battling against time in terms of how long the footage ran for but it was pleasing to see Osaka Pro off to a flying start in '01. 

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Really good video beforehand showing how we got here with these teams and the Gamma turn. Black Buffalo seems a bit unsure and that plays right into the match. QUALLT and Gamma have some swank matching gear and Buffalo is just doing his thing. The match continues the great run of Osaka Pro in 2000. Everyone is given a chance to shine and this feels like the great M-Pro trios of 1996. The heel faction dominates and Gamma is much better suited in this role and much more active than what I envisioned given his current state nowadays. The finish also is clever as it feels like the heels will gain the win but a shocking pinfall leaves Buffalo as the loser post. I have a feeling that will play into storylines coming up. **** (8)

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