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[2001-01-07-Osaka Pro] Jushin Liger & El Samurai vs Super Deflin & Monster Zeta Mandora

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Liger and Samurai visit Osaka Pro and work a long form tag match. At first, you can be forgiven for wishing that Delfin had partnered with someone other than a gimmick worker like Monster Zeta Mandora, but once the bout gets going, you start to realize that this match isn't really about individual talent. The match is a chance for the New Japan workers to play the outsider heels and beating on Mandora is a good way to accomplish that. Delfin is masterful just like he was in 2000 and still on top of his game. The more I watch this stuff, the more it seems like Deflin riding off into the sunset was one of the great losses of 2000s wrestling. 

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An awesome Osaka Pro show overall. Two great matches and this one which is really good too. Liger and Samurai play their invading NJPW heel role well and Zeta Mandora did well holding his own and then taking his beating as expected. The main showcase is Liger vs Delphin and it is really a shame they don’t have a high profile singles match coming up. Delphin continues to be a great underlooked worker who looked just as poised as the legend Liger throughout this match. Mandora gets a few nearfalls on Liger and then Delphin is able to surprise Samurai with a nifty rollup for the surprise win. ***3/4 (7.6)

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After a slow started, Samurai gets a DDT on Mandora and this sets off the NJPW team getting meaner and more disrespectful as their control stretches on.  Liger has some vicious palm strikes and Samurai rakes at Mandora's face when Liger has him up in a surfboard.  They kick off a long finishing run with the moves ramping up, and Delfin finally cradles Samurai for the win.  



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