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[2001-02-15-IWRG] Super Mega & Rambo & Bombero Infernal & Ultimo Vampiro & Blue Panther vs Scorpio Jr & Dr Cerebro & Mega & El Dandy & Negro Navarro (Torneo Cibernetico)

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Ciberneticos rarely disappoint and looking at the talent here there was no way this was going to be an exception. Sure enough, this filled with dream pairings and cool match-ups. It was a tad short because Felino and Panther were pulling double duty on the show, and it was only a 10-man cibernetico to begin with, but it was highly entertaining and a showcase of how good this gimmick is. I've never really thought about this before but because the cibernetico is rare compared the predominant form of lucha, i.e. the trios match, it may actually be the best gateway into lucha libre. You get lucha in its purest form but without the conventions that people struggle with. This actually ended up being a pretty good show from IWRG. CMLL had some great TV in February but IWRG may have crept ahead of them in the match department. 

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Big night for Panther as the list of individuals who have two **** matches in one night is thin. The unique pairings here is what sold me as seeing stuff like Panther vs Cerebro, Dandy vs Bombero and Dandy vs Panther made me want to really see long form matches of that. Scorpio and Rambo get a nice deep run in this match and provide the glue for everyone else. I do agree with OJ that this could be an awesome match with 5 more minutes or so but as it stands, its pretty damn great and a breeze to watch. **** (8) 

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