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[2001-02-15-IWRG] Felino vs Blue Panther (Copa Ovaciones)

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This was a one fall singles match and was worked in a different style that you might expect from a best two-out-of-three falls singles match. They started off with the type of hot, blistering action you'd expect in the tercera caida, then they took it the mat before brawling outside the ring. After that, they fought tooth and nail to remove each other's masks before a prolonged period of submission holds and nearfall finishes. It almost felt like a regular match in reverse. It wasn't the classic I was looking for. In fact, it wasn't up there with the best matches of the first month and half, but I did find myself appreciating the intensity of what they were doing and I began pulling for Felino to win the bout, which is pretty good storytelling I guess. In some respects, it was an interesting deviation from the norm but my expectations for Panther matches are pretty high at this point. Worth watching but in the context of 2001 IWRG and not really the year as a whole. 

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February 2001 has been a weird month to watch. Things are interesting but feel like they are transitioning and the in ring quality hasn’t caught up to the changing landscape. I can’t think of the last month where it took to the 15th day before I had a great match marked down. This match continued the trend of weirdness in how it was worked. Still I Marveled at the intensity and how Panther wouldn’t let go working the arm and mask of Felino. Felino was extremely likable and resilient in this match and it led to a thrilling conclusion for me where the submissions had as much tension as an apuestas match. ****1/4 (8.3) 

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