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[2001-02-22-IWRG] Dr Cerebro vs El Hijo del Santo

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This was a mano a mano Super Libre bout. The first fall was a bit sloppy and the second fall was a standard comeback but the third fall was epic. It not only whet the appetite for an apuesta match, it was so good that it wouldn't have been out of place in a mask match. It's rare that you see a mano a mano bout where they go to these lengths but Cerebro's mask was so torn and so drenched in blood that he looked like Super Muneco. Santo, meanwhile. had this weird rip on the lower half of his mask that exposed his chin and a five o'clock shadow. It was kind of offputting but his performance in the tercera was world class. Depending on how the footage plays out, Santo may squeeze past Panther as the best worker in Mexico if the rest of his year holds up. I don't think Cerebro needed to drop his mask at this point in time but this mano a mano made me excited to see it. One of the better mano a mano bouts you'll see. That third fall was up there with anything I've seen from 2001 so far. 

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Now this is the good stuff. Don't agree with OJ's assertion that the first fall is sloppy unless he means the cerebrina II finish specifically, in which case it didn't factor much for me. The primera, as with the rest of the match, is gritty and uncooperative in the way I want a grudge match to be and if some tottering around as one guy tries to apply a submission is the price to pay, so be it. Likewise I think Santo's comeback is better than standard (helped by an excellent closeup of Cerebro's bloody mask in the replay of the camel clutch) but I do agree the tercera is where this really rockets off into the stratosphere. Santito really sells the anger of having been cheated by Cerebro last time and brings a level of spite and pettiness that serves this super libre match so well. There's no particular move that's so spectacular that it makes the match special (aside from Cerebro's post shot which is maybe the best of those I've ever seen) but it's approached with an intensity that is undeniably fun. Can't wait to watch this mask match.

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