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[2019-05-06-DDT-King of DDT] Daisuke Sasaki vs HARASHIMA

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A highlight of what was a pretty great tournament. HARASHIMA as the fading ace continues to be one of the most compelling wrestlers around. Sasaki attacks HARASHIMA before the bell, dropkicks him out of the ring, and then does his great suicide dive. Then, he beats him up on the outside and does the russian legsweep onto (on top of?) the chairs, which also looks pretty good. After they get back in the ring, he chokes HARASHIMA out with his T-shirt, ignores Matsui's five-count and has to be physically removed from the ring to let go. This is stuff that I've seen Sasaki hundreds of times but I'm still not tired of it. While some of the exchanges aren't as good as you'd expect (there's one time when Hara's shoulder is up on a pinfall attempt, and countering Sasaki's elbow drop with a kick to the gut is a cool idea but it didn't look that great from the hard cam angle), HARASHIMA's incredible selling and Sasaki's great heel performance made this a really enjoyable match for me.

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