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Beyond Wrestling's Uncharted Territory

Dylan Waco

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Didn't see a dedicated thread for the series here and I wanted to start one.  Full disclosure - I work for IndependentWrestling.TV and we stream Uncharted Territory.  That said, this is a less a plug and more me wanting to see if people are familar with it and more importantly what people have thought of it so far.  

For those who don't know the show streams live every Wednesday night at 8pm on IWTV from Worcester.  The shows are right around 2 hours every week and have already featured some highly praised matches featuring both well known - and much more obscure - indie wrestling talent.  

The shows have week-to-week angles, backstage interviews, et.  That said the bulk of the time is spent on the matches themselves which I think makes it distinct from most current episodic wrestling.

To me the most interesting aspect to watch as a fan has been the organic creation of stars within an episodic universe.  For so long the knock on WWE (and at times Impact and ROH as well) has been the "shoving down our throats" of certain talent.  What's interesting about Uncharted Territory is that because it tapes in the same place every week fans pick their favorites and that translates in a concrete way to the viewing audience at home.  This has been helped along by The Discovery Gauntlet concept which has helped make Thomas Santell a breakout act.  Similarly, Bear Country came in for a seemingly one off performance, got over huge, and will now be appearing for the third time this week.  It at least feels like a case where the fans have decided who will be emphasized and pushed and that is really refreshing given where corporate wrestling is at this point. 

I've got other thoughts, recommended matches, et but I'm curious to see what PWO posters think of it. 

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I watched the first four episodes and really enjoyed it. Beyond has always had a great eye for talent and that's come across really quickly. Building around guys like Starr, MJF, and Orange Cassidy is right up my alley. Personally I'd like to see more story/character driven stuff but I realize y'all can't exactly be Lucha Underground, and I do appreciate there's some element of that present. Lack of time has stopped me from following further but I definitely intended to catch up at some point or at least tune in sporadically since I have the IWTV sub anyway.

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Gonna check a few episodes out today.  Seems like something that would be up my alley.  With so much out there and so much to pick and choose from I'm happy to see a promotion really try to build week to week, reward investment, build new stars, etc.  Also, there's a lot of talent on the roster that I really like.

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