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[1983-12-04-GCW-Atlanta, GA] Jake Roberts vs Pez Whatley


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Jake Roberts defends the National TV Title.                                                 

Pez cuts a fun promo on Ellering pre match. Jake hits a nice arm drag early and has this cocky as hell look on his face. Pez then nails Jake with 3 slams and Jake takes a powder. Another slam by Pez, and another powder by Jake. Jake trying to eat up that time. He goes for a slam, but Jake's back is shot. Pez with another slam, and hooks on a Boston Crab. Jake gets the rope. A big stomp to Jake's back. Ellering gets a shot in on Pez. The 10 minute for the belt expired, and now its becomes just a match. Jake is all over Pez in the ropes. Jake's back selling has been great. Jake using punches and kicks. Pez trys a comeback and Jakes weeble wobble sell was great. Big head butt by Pez, that Ja'ke answers with a clothesline. This really begins to drag. These guys work a 30 minute draw. The 1 st 10 minutes were fun, but man these guys didn't have enough to go 30. Their are a lot of interesting ideas here, but again not enough to fill 30 minutes.

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