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[2019-05-18-MWF 8: Halalan 2K19 Special] Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Fabio Makisig


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Was there live and of course, there's no beating the atmosphere of a live wrestling match. It will always, always, always top the video experience which makes the video critical for a more balanced perspective on the match. Since, statistically, most viewing of wrestling in the world happens via recording, this is significant. That being said, there's still going to be some bias reflected in this rating. And I can easily see that this rating will be much, much higher than what I might have normally given it.

There's a lot of good in this match. I liked the early grappling, the atmosphere translates well since Tajiri really just is a top of the line superstar. I liked Fabio trying to move out from under Tajiri's shadow but the vet being just one step ahead. Also, those chops looked amazing in person and they look great here too. The piledriver was great to act as a highspot. It's great that that move still holds a treasured place among local fans. Nice to see the mist always.

Production wise, the video quality is top notch and the angles are quite refreshing compared to the monotonous presentation of mainstream wrestling like the WWE. 

I would say though that much of this felt like a greatest hits of Tajiri, which is honestly all it really needed to be to satisfy the live crowd. They came to cheer Tajiri, see a kick, and see the mist. And the match delivered on that, nothing wrong there but on video nothing to write home about either. 

The commentary was still a little rough around the edges too. I know two of the commentators personally but let's call a spade a spade. Not very good.


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