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[2001-03-09-CMLL] Blue Panther & El Signo & Fuerza Guerrera vs Mr Niebla & Olimpico & Safari

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This was clipped for television, which made it feel more truncated than it would have at the arena, but even with the shredding it still delivered a number of things that I personally wanted to see. Firstly, it was an Arena Mexico showcase for two of my favorite workers, Fuerza Guerrera and El Signo. Secondly, it continued the beefs that Panther had with Olimpico, and to a lesser extent, Niebla. And thirdly, Good Light/Bad Night Niebla was Good Light Niebla here and had a fun stretch run with Fuerza after Panther took the high-risk option with a plancha. There was some weird situation going on with the trios titles at this time and they ended up being vacated. I would have been more than happy if they'd continued with this team of Panther, Fuerza and Signo. And if this Niebla would show up each week that would be a positive as well. 

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