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[2001-03-16-CMLL] Satanico & Shocker & Black Warrior vs Ultimo Guerero & Tarzan Boy & Cien Caras

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Not as heated or as violent as you'd expect. At least not until after the bell where Satanico & Co. kicked the shit out of the Infernales. But it featured some decent stuff. Black Warrior got stuck into Ultimo Guerrero, Shocker mugged for the audience as much as he possibly could, and there was a bizarre cameo by Cien Caras, who ended up turning on his partners. There was one part where Caras had Satanico in the ropes and he was questioning to the audience whether he should hit Satanico or not, and I swear you forget how big Caras was compared to a guy like Satanico. It looked like a giant choking a midget. His hands were huge. I keep waiting for Satanico to erupt but the match never boiled over. The focus was on getting a win and getting those bragging rights. I don't think the build-up to the PPV match has been as compelling in March as it was in February. Nice vignette beforehand, though, with Satanico summoning Black Warrior and Shocker to his lair with his magical lighting bolt powers. Looked like a 50s Mexican horror film. 

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