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[2001-03-15-IWRG] Dr Cerebro & Kato Kung Lee & Suicida vs Cirujano & Kraken & Negro Navarro

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It's time to see how well Cerebro can adjust to life as a tecnico and whether he can make an impact on IWRG from the other side of the locker room. This wasn't his debut as a tecnico. That was the week before in a match that seems better on paper -- Cerebro, Santo and Felino vs. Cirujano, Silver King and Fuerza Guerrera. This had some weak links in Kato Kung Lee and Kraken, but honestly speaking, it was a weak tecnico performance from Cerebro. I'm so used to seeing Cerebro dominate these types of matches with his presence that it was weird to see him shy away from the spotlight. At first, it seemed like he was still self-conscious about losing the mask, which is understandable. It can't be easy going out there and wrestling without a mask with everyone gawking at you.  And you do have to learn how to emote differently when you don't wear a mask. But the main problem for me was that he was still in "Howdy Doody" mode, waving to the fans instead of putting all his emotion into getting even with Cirujano. C'mon, this guy (if it was this guy) attacked you after you unmasked. That has to be the ultimate act of disrespect in lucha libre and you're working the match like it's a Sunday house show? There was some fun stuff in this -- Cerebro vs Navarro, Suicida being Suicida -- but I was really disappointed by the Cerebro vs Cirujano exchanges and the "new" Cerebro in general.

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