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[2001-02-18-WCW-SuperBrawl Revenge] Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire vs Shawn Stasiak & Mark Jindrak


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I talked about in the opener how I doubted what the ceiling of those six would be, Sans Stasiak, the sky is the limit for the remaining three in watching the 2000 and 2001 stuff. This was another all action tag match between the two that didn't go too long and also didn't forget that it was a tag match threading the line on having a cohesive structure. O'Haire in particular continues to be the true standout and looked like a can't miss prospect. ***1/4 (6.4) 

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Stasiak gets some heat in his pre-match promo by ragging on the local football team.  I think that answers my question as to who will be the heels in this match.  Yeah, O’Haire and Palumbo are getting cheered.  The bell sounds and everyone’s immediately going at it until the official is able to get one man from each team out onto the apron.  Stasiak is throwing some stiff looking clotheslines to O’Haire.  Jindrak accidentally stomps his own man when coming in to break up a cover.  O’Haire hot shots Jindrak across the top rope.  Scott Hudson has christened him ‘the Maniac’ as they to emphasise what a hot temper he has.  Palumbo counters the hip toss with one of his own before slingshotting Jindrak into his own partner.  Stasiak gets nailed when breaking up a pin but he’s done his job, Palumbo forgetting about the legal man and Jindrak slugging him as the challengers set about looking to capitalise.  Double side slam, double kip up, double elbow drop.  Schiavone is claiming that Stasiak is 6’5” and that Palumbo is 6’8”!  Running bulldog.  Chuckie gets trapped in the wrong corner Stasiak standing on his throat.  Jindrak slaps on a rear chinlock while Stasiak trash talks O’Haire from across the ring.  Charles Robinson catches him using the ropes for leverage and he’s forced to break the hold.  O’Haire can’t take it any more and he’s in, to a strong reaction, but as Robinson ushers him back out the challengers drag Palumbo to their own corner for some more double teaming.  Stasiak with a Fujiwara armbar that he quickly gives up on.  Great tilt-a-whirl slam by Jindrak.  Palumbo rolls out the way of a top rope splash and tags “the caged animal” who lays everyone to waste with short clotheslines.  O’Haire floors Jindrak and then drops Stasiak with a standing side kick.  He heads upstairs for the Seanton bomb; Stasiak pulls his partner out of harms way, however walks into a Jungle kick himself.  Seanton bomb and the champions retain.

Good match, one where I was surprised that they cut out the amount of aerial stuff they normally do and tried to wrestle it more traditionally.  He clearly doesn’t have the upside of the other three but I didn’t think Stasiak was bad here, although maybe limit the number of times he wipes his brow during a match!  Really liked the finish of this.

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