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[2001-02-18-WCW-SuperBrawl Revenge] Kanyon vs Diamond Dallas Page


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This impromptu match is made by Jarrett and Flair using a clip of DDP saying he would fight Kanyon anytime anyplace. DDP gets busted open early and is a great underdog here. With him knowing that Jarrett is waiting, he tries to end things early since he is hurt so this becomes a bomb fest with tons of big moves thrown at each other and Kanyon's offense being optimized. DDP is a great underdog but eventually with help from Jarrett, he succumbs to the onslaught of Kanyon and loses. ***1/4 (6.6) 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2001-02-18-WCW-SuperBrawl Revenge] Kanyon vs Diamond Dallas Page
  • 11 months later...

The Cat has regained the Commissionership, however he won’t be starting until Midnight tonight so Ric Flair has had him removed from the building.  Tony Schiavone thinks that ‘the Boss’ is up to something.  Jeff Jarrett is out for his scheduled match with DDP, although stops at the top of the stage.  He says that last week Diamond Dallas Page sent out a challenge to Kanyon for a match “any time, any place,” and gets the guys in the truck to play a video of him making it.  Jarrett announces that time is now and Page’s big fat mouth wrote a cheque that his old decrepit body is going to have to cash.  Already approved by Ric Flair he then introduces DDP’s opponent for the match, Chris Kanyon. 

With his eyes on the stage, Kanyon comes from under the ring (it makes a change from through the crowd) to jump DDP from behind.  Page flattens him with a discus lariat and then chokes Kanyon with his own shirt, hurling him to the outside where he whips him into the guardrail.  He throws him back inside and comes off the top with a clothesline.  DDP mounts the turnbuckles to unload with punches but Kanyon gets in a low blow as Page tumbles out to the floor.  Sicilian Slice off the apron onto the ring steps.  That’s opened up a cut on the side of Page’s face.  Kanyon stands on the second rope and suplexes him back into the ring.  Northern Lights suplex for a two.  The “D-D-P” chant rallies him and he fights his way out of the rear chinlock only to get caught with a swinging neckbreaker.  Each man ducks a shot before a short arm clothesline floors Kanyon.  Both men are down and while Kanyon is first to get to his feet, a big uranage folds him in half, barely getting a shoulder up on the cover.  The attempted piledriver is countered with a sit-out Alabama slam.  Sit-out powerbomb by Page.   He signals for the Diamond Cutter, but Kanyon blocks and hits the Kanyon Cutter.  Page kicks out and here comes Jeff Jarrett down the aisle and onto the apron.  Irish whip is reversed and Kanyon crashes into ‘Double J’.  Schoolboy, but on kicking Page off he lands on the referee.  That was a soft looking bump.  Jarrett with the Stroke, Flatliner by Kanyon and it’s a “travesty of justice” according to Tony Schiavone.  Kanyon picks up the microphone, you think to rub his win in Page’s face, only he’s playing ring announcer introducing the next match.  

“The next match is scheduled for one fall with a two hour time limit.  Introducing first, the former master of the Diamond Cutter, Diamond Dallas Page.  His opponent, a former four time, four time, four time, four time champion of the world, ‘the Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett.”

Kanyon looked tremendous here, working a brisk pace and it’s as if being back has lit a fire under him.  He’s also a perfect foil for Page who more often than not tends to mirror his opponent.  What I mean is that if he’s in there with a bad worker that can draw him down to their level, against better guys he works better.  The ref bump was soft but this was a good match.

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